Legend of the Legendary Arhi coalition

Legend of AHRI:

Unlike other fox live in the forests south of Ionia, Ahri always felt a connection with strange magical world around her; a linkage seems incomplete. Deep inside, she said that her current shape is purely a mistake of nature, and she never stopped dream of a future there is to be a man. Longing that seems to never be able to become a reality, until one day she accidentally encountered a war of mankind. A horrible sight, everywhere filled with images of dead or seriously wounded. She was fascinated by the people – men wearing robes dying in a magic school. She approached and immediately something inside Ahri is triggered, reaching out to men in a way that she could not understand. His life slowly poured into her through the magic invisible links. A sense covering and passionate. And when that feeling passes, she rejoiced, so much to see that you have changed. Her silky white coat is gone, the body takes on Ahri hours of the bodies are scattered around it.

However, despite carrying the shape of a man, she knew that the transformation is not yet complete. By his dick, she quickly adapted to human society and utilize their own beauty to lure the innocent man. With tricks that she can suck the vitality when they are captivated. Increasingly her closer to his desire, but at the same time, a feeling of remorse and in her wake. Ahri had the feeling that would be the fox never have. Then she realized he was not going to let go of human emotions in the process of evolution itself. In the search for a solution, Ahri came to the Institute of War, the residence of the most powerful mages Runeterra. They gave her a chance to achieve evolution into a complete person, without harmful by serving in the League of Legends.



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