The love story between Garen and Kataria in League of Legends

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRomance between the two sides battle lines one is the Strength of Demacia, behold the Evil Sword of Noxus probably one of the topics to be discussed by most fans of LMHT plot. In the legend of Garen has recalled the first time duel between him and Katarina when a soldier witnessed this event (and survived) recounts the clash of the two looks like a dancer‘s moral tone for direction. A moral tone arms (or easier to understand the van dance dance valses) which is an extremely romantic dance of the French for the couple. And true to the nature of the two generals (the skills are constantly spinning), this is a reasonable time for them to feel that they spent together?


Although later, the legend of Garen has confirmed that finding Katarina on the battlefield then merely “the pursuit of a rival par” but the people of Demacia are implicitly believed that he had a special affection for Evil Sword. However, in the legend of Katarina not to mention Garen, causing many fans think of a hypothesis that can Garen is unrequited. An interesting interaction between the two generals in the game also highlighted the possibility that, if you use when standing before Katarina Garen, he will push movements with one hand and said: “Seven-thousand-and- two … oh, I did not see you standing there. “(Provisional translation:” The 7002 th … Well, I did not see you standing there! “). A move to show off “as old as the earth” that make the man knows!

Although never confirmed Riot Games of the two generals have a relationship on the emotional level, in a question and answer forum on Katarina, Riot staff replied: “Garen is a commander, a warrior Katarina is also a killer. They do not really confront, as well as their differences. However, there is an emotional relationship arises between them, while fighting with each other all over again. We are committed to preserving it. “In addition, the short film A Twist of Fate – Fate Ironically, there is also a segment that Garen fight with Katarina – full implications of Riot Games team.


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