The love story between Zed and Syndra in League of Legends

deadly_valentine_by_skitzopheliac-d76on0kThere is no information from Riot Games except the main page of the two generals, they are in the list of “friends” of each other. Only so much so that the story between the couple is the fans should write, but the most famous is the series “The love story between Zed and Syndra” Korean.

However, is not there the similarities in their plot, if not similar to each other is a surprising way. They are the children alone, have a special talent for the arts ban, were prevented by the teacher is, and are themselves murdered his mentor. Possess the power related to the darkness, it is very likely that the two of them understand each other’s situation because the experienced similar things, and jointly study the prohibition of the dark arts. Very likely there?

zed-syndraAlso, Zed, and Varus Syndra three villains of the Ionian region. If Varus become corrupt because he wanted revenge for his village Noxus, the Zed and Syndra are considered bad guys to take root. Two guys being chased, abandoned by his native land, there are too many similarities roi.Co sure everyone would want them to really become a perfect couple”.


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