Scores on the most powerful generals in the current League of Legends ( P1 )

As you know, after each update every game League of Legends, RIOT there are changes in your game system. One change always get the top concern for gamers League of Legends is a change in skills as well as the general index. This change leads to a result in different versions, there is general strengthening (buff) while another one is reduced strength (nerf) that they can change the position of formation (eg Lulu Support transferred from midfield) or very rarely are used (eg, once violent Irelia top but now almost rarely used). You can see this most clearly if regular monitoring of the League of Legends tournament as LCS, OGN, GPL or even DCSA of Vietnam.

[Ảnh minh họa]

So, to keep pace with the changes in each version in order to achieve a higher winning percentage, we need to select the appropriate general for each position to get the advantage. In this article, I’d like to suggest one of the options can say is safe and strong in the first place team in the League of Legends.

3-5 head position is usually hot pick, the following positions only listed properties.

I.  Top Lane.

1. Renekton.

Crocodile god

– Ability to travel the road, the ability to farm good, versatile skill set.

– Move the end of combat effectiveness.

– Teammate good combination: Lulu.

2. Shyvana.

Long Female

– Head strong lines, farm faster, better ability roulette.

– Move the end of combat effectiveness.

– Eternal good combination: Lulu, Orianna.

3. Ryze.

Dharma Master Lang Thang

– Head good roads, farm quite well.

– Strong end of the game, especially dangerous in combat with the last attack multiple objectives.

4. Lee Sin.

Mr. Tu Mu

– Damage high, move flexible, skill composition of blood on the edge of discomfort. Moving quickly especially when soldiers have to ax Tiamat.

– Move the end of efficient, able to isolate one opponent.

5. Jax.

Master Weapons

– Strong end of the game.

– Many choose to map.

– The ability to avoid damage, high damage.

6. Gragas.

He alcoholic

– Strong end of the game.

– Move flexibility, blood composition uncomfortable.

– Move to last very effective in combat.

7. Dr.Mundo.

Cuong’s Parish ZAUN

– Ability Head Road, healing and tolerance.

– In moves fast, blood composition discomfort, farm fast.

8. Riven.


– Damage high.

– The flexible skill and discomfort.

– The ability to chase and escape possible.

9. nasus.

Knowing Desert House

– Strong end of the game.

– The full skill damage – effect – enhancement.

– But rather “languid” if controlled by the skill cc, it is not really effective.

10. Singed.

Crazy Pharmacist

– The ability to farm, roulette well, especially when the item 1-2.

– The skill extreme discomfort.

11. Rengar.

Predators Pride

– Damage high.

– Ability to heal, to deceive the enemy.

– Ability to assassinate.

– Teammate good combination: Orianna.

12. Darius.

General Noxus.

– Ability to farm better.

– The skill uncomfortable, dangerous internal, end police attacks thwong high.

– Cons: Movement speed is slow, there is no escape skill.

II. Position Line Between – Mid Lane.

1. Ziggs.

Explosives Expert

– In moves fast.

– Configure blood discomfort.

– Move the end of combat effectiveness.

– Cons: Prone to gank, less skill to run away and not fast cooldown of this skill.

2. Orianna.

She Wire Cot Bed

– The perfect skill.

– In moves fast, the damage is relatively large and continuous.

– Dangerous both attacks often.

– Move extreme end of combat effectiveness.

3. Lulu.

French Teacher Linh Tinh

– The versatile skill.

– In moves fast, blood composition uncomfortable.

– Move the end of combat effectiveness.

4. LeBlanc.


– Ability to cumulative damage.

– Move flexibility.

– The versatile skill.

– Cons: weak blood, not too scary at the end of the game if the game lasts.

5. Gragas.

He alcoholic

– Strong end gmae.

– Farm fast.

– Configure pain blood, move flexibly.

– Move the end effect.

6. Kassadin.

Tourism Hotels Void

– Strong after reaching level 6.

– In moves fast, the skill extreme discomfort.

– Ability to put the damage quickly, moving flexible

7. Fizz.

Mischievous fish

– Damage high.

– Move flexibility.

– Don Quick damage and discomfort.

– Last efficient way to capture all enemy damage.

8. Nidalee.

Female Hunter Animal Chemistry

– Farm rapidly after reaching level 6.

– Move flexibility, difficult retail arrested.

– Damage high, fast cooldown, skill level far.

9. Syndra.

Female Lord of Darkness

– In moves fast, continuous skill.

– Ability to shock hazard.

10. Kayle.

Angels Judgment

– Farm fast, blood composition uncomfortable. Having the ability to heal and acceleration.

– Spell spreads, effective way and unpleasant end.

11. Karma.

Who Was The Enlightenment

– The perfect skill.

12. Ryze.

France Collectibles Lang Thang

– The perfect skill, relatively good road head.

13. Ahri

Ho Ly 9 Tail

– The perfect skill.

– Ability to configure good blood, ranged class.

– Move the end effectively pursued as fugitives.

14. Katarina.

Evil Sword

– Do not use mana.

– Don massive damage.

– Cons: Difficult to confront the team with more skill cc (stun, slow, flew, …)

15. Karthus.

English Ru Death

– Tam ranged, blood composition discomfort, rapid cooldown.

– The perfect skill.

– Move extremely dangerous end.

– Ability to hit even when destroyed.

16. Riven.


– Damage high, fast cooldown.

– Move flexibility, the perfect skill.

– Ability to create borders.

17. Zed.

Dark Lord

– Damage high.

– Skill hand away, blood composition uncomfortable.

– Move flexibility, difficult position to attack.

18. Kha’Zik.

Assassins Void

– Damage high.

– The skill too uncomfortable.

– The ability to escape assassination and safety (jump over the wall, invisible, slow).

19. Yasuo.

Ke No Tolerance

– Skill cooldown too fast.

– Configure blood annoying, harassing ability oi good.

– Move the end of combat effective, multi-purpose.

III. Jungle.

1. Lee Sin.

Mr. Tu Mu

– Ability to gank anywhere from the first game.

– Damage high, potentially slowing.

– Move the end capable of isolating opponents.

– Move flexibility.

2. Vi.

Marital Affairs Piltover

– Ability to take a good blow.

– Ability to gank beginning of the game.

– Move the end of combat effectiveness.

3. Pantheon.

Master of War

– Damage high.

– Ability to gank from the game.

– Ability to block damage.

– There are stunning skill.

– Move away from end-user level.

4. Elise.

Queen spiders

– Ability to take a good blow.

– Ability to gank from the first game.

– There are stunning skill.

– Ability to access good stress.

5. Wukong (Wukong).

Monkey King

– Ability to gank from the first game.

– The perfect skill for 1 PM jungle.

– Move the end of combat effectiveness.

6. Shyvana.

Long Female

– Movement speed quickly, the ability to pursue the good if the Red amulet.

– Move the end of combat effectiveness.

– Gank effective from lv 6.

7. Riven.


– Ability to gank from the game.

– The perfect skill to gank.

– High damage, cooldown fast, flexible movement.


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