General movement on the road to Knives The rioting League of Legends

Recently, general movement on the road map to go to the forest towards India is very hot right direction in League of Legends.

Not that there are not tested in the first version of season 5 when equipped with the new jungle but no one dared to appear boldly on the style used in the game League of Legends. However, in the recent period, the Korean players is a pioneer in the use of complementary Punishment and allowed to go to the forest map executioner stood. Let’s learn it this movement.


I. Analysis jungle map towards Executioner clash

As you know, Knives India is one of 4 directions depending on the quality of forest minister jungle. The right direction consistent with the general attack speed and has great effect on the attack as: Master Yi, Warwick, Shyvana, Listen name known, Knives The strongest effect when fighting alone . With intrinsic pretty violent as 50% attack speed and damage on attack allowed (plus when defeating enemies and enemy heroes), Knives The effect than a dig.
Not to mention activate Challenge to punish opponents, this item has greater effects when the longer time. So Knives The site is considered to be a forest walk with the greatest power to end the match.

The effect of increasing the right direction towards the end of the match.

II. Why do people go on the road can use the executioner standing there?

Being on the road, the player may only use 2 equipped jungle can activate executioner‘s sword and stood there Tung Access by two other equipment in addition to support forest, destroying it does not work other. Players on their way to the ability to engage in more sugar and is positioned to achieve the advantages of equipment, level up using Knives India is the most accurate.

Picture 2
The right direction to create the world is not small.

Sometimes, players on the road often replaced by variable rate Punishment. Therefore, general use items should pretty much jungle elements together, such as: mobility skills by moving the position, depending on the attack more often and the ability to walk in the road not too weak the beginning of the match.

III. Notes on using complementary Punishment allowed on the road in
As usual, the players are allowed to replace the auxiliary variable rate. So gamers should be avoided as much as possible by gank lose a permit can avoid initial feed. So, when used Punishment, players need to note a hundredfold.
One more thing, before reaching equipped jungle, gamers should avoid dried blood by then, Punishment only help her kill a monster in the jungle starting equipment wash Hunter unhelpful in the duel. Try to farm is essential.

Picture 8

Dues 400 to wash Hunter.


IV. Effects of Punishment supporting cast
In addition to a little club-in the early stages, allowing additional Punishment will bring many advantages for gamers to start equipped jungle.
Occasionally, the player may weights through the forest park like yard wolf monster, toad in the green team and the rocky beach at the Red team to strengthen the executioner stood.
Eat Crab, control maps for your area. Helping teammates better accounting major goal for the team with two sanctions.

Hands on the road sometimes almost impossible to lose if used Punishment.

Increase massive damage when the enemy raid in the middle of the lineup.

Picture 5

Punishment executioner stood there holding advantageous when traveling back in time quite fast.


A lot of interest surrounding the use of forests for general road map going on. So just breathe through the first phase, the players can storm in the next stage.
V. ConclusionWe tested the use of complementary Punishment allows for placement on the road in the first day of the new season but could not think, as the scene is hot at the moment now. Currently, the movement has spread to the professional arena. In general, the effect of this movement is relatively stable. The fan boy can experiment to see the effect in the future. Happy successful gaming arena with justice movement on hold equivalent punishment“.


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