Any absolute way “violent” game world?

Game makers where imagination fly away, though how much damage they were hyped up to be overkill.

Video game where we get rid of the limits of life and become the hero with unparalleled power. The more you play long, strength of character and weapon have been significantly improved, the lever is replaced by a gun shot rockets, fireballs to life a giant meteor. But unparalleled power seems cool at first, but the end all enemies with a single blow would soon be pushing manufacturers to reach ridiculous.

Here, let’s move 7 points over the world with the power of weapons and no more scalpel kill buffalo chickenin the history of video games village.

7. Tactical Nuke (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

Tuyệt chiêu nào "bá đạo" nhất thế giới game?

Only nuclear weapons can people reach a small armed conflict on the international disaster. Use strategic nuclear warheads (tactical nuke) in Modern Warfare 2 like gun battle between a pair of hand knives, all parties realized the war was coming to an end. Countdown timer will appear on the screen, screaming sirens rang, and finally a white light endgame.

Tactical nuke would end the game immediately with victory gave the team can use it, regardless of how scores. Of course, the two teams have played all wiped out, turned into a contested area of land area died from radiation exposure. But where there is a problem, because eventually you will be the winner.
6. Tengai Shinsei (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3)

Tuyệt chiêu nào "bá đạo" nhất thế giới game?
Health destroy the planet of nuclear warheads is not what inspired with 2 giant meteor. Madara Uchiha in Naruto possesses a move that could crash the worst in the world game. Finishing touches include three steps, although enemies can be destroyed from step one: crib opponents in a giant tree. In step two, a giant meteor results break down the tree and crushed the enemy within.

However, this only seems to be not enough, a second meteorite results also break down the larger pieces first crushed, causing an explosion enough to take the Earth ice age. A little advice: if two meteorites need to finish off the enemy, probably should use diplomatic measures to resolve the conflict is over.

5. Novalith Cannon (Sins of a Solar Empire)

Tuyệt chiêu nào "bá đạo" nhất thế giới game?

Novalith Canon is a gun capable of firing bullets into the giant planet, in short, this is a pistol at the level of the universe. Like most super tactical weapons in the game, it’s too expensive and inefficient for use in a real battle. However, the player will have to acknowledge the power of this weapon when witnessing his planet was wiped out after the second shot.

An interesting fact is that Canon had a gate Novalith bug makes the game crash if the player shot himself in his planet. But this bug has been fixed, but perhaps it is the manufacturer’s advice to players: do not put a gun to the team.
4. Mọi đòn thế trong Dragon Ball Z

Tuyệt chiêu nào "bá đạo" nhất thế giới game?

Who ever read manga Dragon Ball Z probably agree the majority of the characters possess enough power to destroy an entire planet, even Krillin. In fact Namek has exploded, and almost all have stories revolve around someone wants to wipe out Earth. In the last episode, Ma even invented a new move called “Human Extinction Attack(attack that wiped out the human race).

Consider the character Broly and meteorites giant game of the same name. This new move is of great destruction to the level observed from space. An explosion has an area across North America so enough to shake the whole world, particularly the dust flying up the atmosphere is enough to Earth enters ice age two. However, Broly still seems pretty excited to win.
3. Annihilaser – Planetary Annihilation

Tuyệt chiêu nào "bá đạo" nhất thế giới game?

Planetary Annihilation is a strategy game vast galactic level with the battle lasted for hours, even days. But when the game is coming to an end, nothing to kill opponents faster Annihilaser (Laser destruction). This weapon is identical to the Death Star space station in the Star Wars series with the ability to punch” a planet in the blink of an eye.

Although ownership of immense strength, but still has a super weapon against this. One of which is attached to a giant rocket moon and push it crashed into Annihilaser. Although this method seems effective, but need to consider a variety planet will be destroyed when the giant laser gun exploded.

2. Degeneration Cannon (2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation)

Tuyệt chiêu nào "bá đạo" nhất thế giới game?

Super Robot Wars is a turn-based strategy game series in Japan lives upstairs. Most versions use and robot characters from the anime, but some ownership of their own characters. Perhaps because not bound by the original anime characters so often have power madness.

Get Shu Shirakawa and Neo Granzon giant robot of him as an example. Their most powerful weapon is to create a small black hole 3, then Neo will hand transplant them into a ball of energy. When Shu throw the ball of the enemy, it will create an explosion engulf the universe. What is amazing is that after the universe exploded two characters remain intact and continue to fight.

1. Super Nova (Final Fantasy VII)

Tuyệt chiêu nào "bá đạo" nhất thế giới game?

This is probably exaggerated moves so terrible that ever appeared in RPGs, even within the game world. After transforms into a monster with shaped like angels, SaferSephiroth, the final boss of Final Fantasy VII, launched the final blow: Super Nova. A comet is summoned to fly through the galaxy, destroying all planets along the way and eventually blow up the sun, swallow SaferSephiroth and the other characters.

And then the final boss to continue developing this destructive blow a few more times. Each Super Nova are used to consume a few minutes, enough time to go to the bathroom, make a sandwich or drink a cup of tea. This is proof that Cloud and his allies were far do: first game they bomb the nuclear reactor, and the end of Final Fantasy VII they saw the sun explodes.

Game makers where imagination fly away, though how much damage They were hyped up to be overkill.

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