The extraordinary similarity between the two Shen Dong Sparrow Go Sunny and SOFM

SOFM and Sparrow Go Sunny prodigies are notorious in Vietnam eSports village.

Recently, SOFM Le Quang Duy has received a lot of attention of the League of Legends community internationally. He also led the media, website takes no less ink transfer around to playing top teams in Taiwan Yoe Flash Wolves contract with salary up to 1500 – 2000 USD / month.

Vụ SOFM chuyển sang thi đấu cho Flash Wolves thu hút được rất nhiều sự quan tâm.

Department SOFM switch to play for Wolves Flash attracted a lot of attention.

One of the reasons SOFM received much attention of fans not only in the domestic and international household fan is that he was quẩy jubilantat rank Challenge Arena server Korea, where the appearance of Faker, deft, Dendy, Dade what even to the super players in Europe and North America was unlikely to do.
Not only that, one of the reasons why Flash Wolves Yoe! Determined to obtain the signature of the SOFM is because he also owns an account at the server rank Challenge Arena this country.

SOFM thường xuyên đối đầu với siêu sao Faker ở máy chủ Hàn Quốc.

SOFM often confronted with superstar Faker server in Korea.

As in Vietnam server, there is nothing to talk about SOFM, he had 4 in the top 10 rank nick Challenge Arena (nick the top one). SOFM confidence has also stated that, hit rank in Vietnam too easy. Some reviewers have the “extravagant” but also expressed strong personality in just genius.
SOFM look at what has been done, we remember a prodigy other Vietnam eSports has been produced, it is Sparrow Go Sunshine Empire‘s subjects (AoE). Both are famous prodigy very early, they had almost no competition in the domestic league, they always gives the audience the moment freeze” in each game has its occurrence .

Hai thần đồng của eSports Việt Nam.
Two of esports prodigies Vietnam.

Let us find out the similarities between the two prodigies, two eSports pride of Vietnam as of the present time offline!
To list the very young age
It is no coincidence that the SOFM and Sparrow are labeled Go Sunny Shen Dong.

Go Sunny Sparrow was born in 1996, but since the 2010, 2011, gamers have made the whole community Empire (AoE) have looked at constantly beat the monument at the time as Bach Long Elementary, dragon Lord, X-man, Meomeo, Son BG
Many people still do not believe at first that her aunt Sparrow was born in 1996, arguing that he is simply a disguised veteran players. Even, some even spent a million just to Sparrow Go Sunny revealed accept and play directly with Bach Long Elementary.

Chim Sẻ Đi Nắng thành danh khi còn rất trẻ.

Sunny Sparrow Go to list a very young age.

And we remembers the memorable day, 19/07/2011. The day Sparrow Go Sunny officially unveiled by winning choking Elementary Bach Long before, when he had just turned 15.

SOFM is even younger than the Sun Go Sparrow, he was born in 1998. The first impression of SOFM is simply a skilled player, extremely aggressive fighting style and almost every known work on the situation.

SOFM involved in the arena of professional League of Legends quite early, if not mistaken, it is the time of the month 7/2012, then he has not turned 14. Like the Sun Go Sparrow, the SOFM appearance, no one believed that he was a little milkowns skills such heights.

SOFM thi đấu chuyên nghiệp khi anh mới chỉ 13, 14 tuổi.

SOFM playing professionally when he was just 13, 14 years old.

During the journey, not inferior SOFM be humble and before anyone, even if there is a QTV is unmatched League of Legends Vietnam. Immediately, SOFM was labeled Shen Dong and become the center of attention.

Are played for GameTV

A fairly random coincidence, both Sparrow Go Sunny and SOFM have ever had playing time in the team‘s shirt color GameTV (of course in two different disciplines, an Empire and the League of Legends).

According to the information that we learn the two prodigies also wearing the shirt of GameTV in 2012. However, at that time, the Sparrow Go Sunshine Empire in particular and generally more popular than League of Legends (new set foot in Vietnam market) should Sparrow Go Sun shines is considered better than their less than 2-year-old junior.

Chim Sẻ Đi Nắng hiện vẫn đang thi đấu trong màu áo của GameTV.

Sparrow Go Sunshine is currently playing in GameTV shirt.

The turning point given name SOFM become iconic shirt is also in the GameTV, then GameTV against Saigon Jokers, holding SOFM Rengar made an extremely difficult skills, constantly jump twice to make 1 superstar Vietnam at the time QTV to “suck out“. Invite you to track the processing phase that video below.

Each fame Vietnam in the international arena

With Sparrow Go Sunny, yourself, not someone else has left China (where there should develop the most powerful empire the world) to have another look at gamers Vietnam.

Previously, in every confrontation AoE Vietnam Central Vietnam gamers are subjected to terrible repression, even superstar Vietnam at the time the Dragon Lord also suffered defeat shame before Shenlong with the score 0-9 (after this game Dragon Lord declared retirement).

But when the sun appears Go Sparrow, the gap between the two sides level gradually erased, and until the present time, even AoE Vietnam has been evaluated on the door in the friendly match against the rafter China.

Chim Sẻ Đi Nắng xuất hiện và nâng tầm AoE Việt Nam lên một đẳng cấp khác.

Sparrow Go Sunny AoE appear and elevate Vietnam to another level.

With SOFM, he was the first to reach the rank of Vietnam Challenge Arena in Taiwan servers and more particularly in the Korean server. According to our records, the superstar of the LCS Europe and North America, people are investing a lot more to admit that they can climb up Diamond rank first or at best in High Prime South China only.

Giống như Chim Sẻ Đi Nắng, SOFM đã làm rạng danh Việt Nam trên trường quốc tế.

Like Sparrow Go Sunny, SOFM did honor Vietnam in the international arena.

This demonstrates that, SOFM has reached world class and he has made the world a friend to League of Legends know Vietnam more.
Always create different emotional game and possess huge fanbase crisis

Although appearing quite some time (since late 2011, early 2012), but the Sun Go SOFM and Sparrow are retained its top level. In particular, Sparrow Go Sunny had time to stay focused prep game. After parking the University and back, Sparrow seemed to have lost his crutches when repeatedly failed. However, the class is forever, just a little later, he proved to all that, I still was No. 1 players in AoE village Vietnam.
Take Sparrow fan of the Sun from the table, almost 80% AoE fan Vietnam are cheering for Sparrow Go Sunny in every game he participated. For them, every game has Sparrow Go Sunshine brings special feeling that no one else can do.

Chim Sẻ Đi Nắng khiến fan "phát cuồng".

Sparrow Go Sunny makes fans crazy”.

The same thing occurs in the SOFM. With aggressive play style, natural skills, even many people commented that young buffalo fighting style,” SOFM always attracted the attention of fans in every phase of its handling. SOFM Fanpage attracted more than 68,000 likes, a figure that is quite impressive.

Fanpage của SOFM cũng thu hút được lượng quan tâm đông đảo.
SOFM Fanpage also attracted a large amount of attention.

These are common features between the two prodigies Vietnam eSports Sparrow Go Sunny and SOFM. According to you, they are more common characteristics? Please share with us and other readers through comments below the article offline!
In the next article, we will point out the differences between SOFM and Sparrow Go Sunny, hope you pay attention to watch.


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