Batman armor against both stabbing in real life

A fan of Batman guy did the armor of this superhero and test it in real life.

The incarnation cosplay and my favorite character is a pleasure to be many fans of the games, comics or cartoons celebrities choose to express your passion. Recently, a guy fan of Batman, superhero characters of DC Comics celebrities have chosen for themselves a unique and extremely Cosplay can say is unique so far.

Các bộ cosplay Batman thông thường chỉ có vẻ ngoài hoành tráng

The Batman cosplay usually only looks spectacular

He was referred to us here is Gordon Jackson, a student studying in the US design. Due to the Batman fan, he has sought to redesign the armor famous superhero characters including metal armor and clothes inside.

Bộ giáp Batman của Jackson Gordon có tác dụng bảo vệ không kém trong phim

Gordon Jackson Batman‘s armor has a protective effect in the film equally

Not only creating a cosplay closest to the original Batman that we’ve seen in the movies and comics, Gordon Jackson would also like to create an armor can be used in practice, means the armor guy is not only beautiful but also protect the bearer.

Chống chịu va đập


After over two months of design, the final product of Batman‘s armor Gordon Jackson was the oven. He was very proud of our products and test the durability of the armor with full impact from the outside as the punch, kick or even, armor also block the knife stab threat insurance.

Đỡ được cả các cú đâm dao vào vị trí hiểm hóc.

Support both the knife to stab devilish position.

Of course, due to limited resources should not be Gordon Jackson created a completely bulletproof armor as Batman but with normal attacks or kicking against enemies using knives for the armor of Gordon Jackson can fully protect the owner inside.
This guy’s armor Gordon Jackson has been made thanks to funds contributed more than 2000 USD (about 44 million) by the fan support on Kickstarter. Armor is appreciated by the ability to protect its wearer‘s weight is quite good and it is not too heavy, more than 11 Kg.

 Surely any fan of Batman guy will look forward to wearing this top armor try at least once in their lifetime.


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