The reason for Fast & Furious sure to 8 birth

Explore why Fast & Furious 8 certainly will be done, whether Fast & Furious 7seems to be regarded as the end of the movie series.

Some articles ever mentioned previously, Fast & Furious 7 seems to be regarded as the end of the movie series. But with a film producer earned revenues of 384 million dollars (8064 billion) worldwide in the first opening day, then the production of the sequel no one to argue. Therefore, these days a lot of people refer to Fast & Furious 8.

If you continue to Fast & Furious 8, there will be some problem arises. Does the series can continue after the death of Paul Walker? Should they tell more stories about the lives of the characters in the movie, or should be left to the Fast & Furious driver hell for hand washing hung upin a blockbuster in the history of this series?

Check out these events can lead to the movie Fast & Furious future.

Connect with Kurt Russell‘s character

Những lý do chắc chắn để Fast & Furious 8 ra đời

There are many reports that Fast & Furious 7 will be the beginning of a new trilogy in the Fast & Furious series, although the plan was changed after Paul Walker died. Directed by James Wan has affirmed that the initial set of Fast & Furious 7 will lead to new stories. Most recently, Vin Diesel appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and revealed that the character Mr. Nobody Kurt Russell added to seven, to reveal what the team wants to do in the eighth Dom. According to Vin Diesel, mysterious character of Kurt Russell would be a catalyst for major events will appear in Fast & Furious Paul Walker 8. supposed to be in this new adventure, now that is not possible, but does not mean that the eight chapters of the series can not happen.

Background happened in New York

Những lý do chắc chắn để Fast & Furious 8 ra đời

Jimmy Kimmel program, Vin Diesel also revealed interesting details that his team will perform their duties on the streets of New York. This is a great idea. Fast & Furious movies before always boasted the street scene in Los Angeles and Fast & Furious 7 too. But the riders in the series spiraling car crashed in the streets of many cities worldwide, but the grid has yet to penetrate the Big Apple. Audiences are eager to see Dom Toretto broke the team‘s driving on downtown Manhattan. New Yorkers are always excited frenzy with this idea.

Directed by Justin Lin back

Những lý do chắc chắn để Fast & Furious 8 ra đời

James Wan is an unusual choice for Fast & Furious 7 helm, while Justin Lin decided not to come back after seat steering Fast & Furious movies. James Wan primarily known as a superstar” of the horror genre. Breakthrough His only in the genre action” movie Death Sentence of Kevin Bacon. Chances James Wan will return to directing Fast & Furious 8, especially after the success of Fast & Furious 7. But a few months ago, each page Deadline reports that that Justin Lin will return with Fast & Furious and directed many films to come. Although Justin Lin has accepted the bench directed Star Trek 3, this plan may remain in effect. If you want to wait for him, Universal could have put their hottest series on standby.

Contract with Lucas Black

Những lý do chắc chắn để Fast & Furious 8 ra đời

The Fast & Furious fans were not surprised if Sean Boswell (Lucas Black plays), the hero of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, back screen. At the end of the movie Fast & Furious 6 revealed that Han was Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) kills. So in July, Dom to Tokyo to meet Sean, to learn about this threat and bring back his body for burial Los Angeles. Previously, Lucas Black revealed that he has signed a contract to participate Fast & Furious sections 7, 8 and 9. Again, plan to do the next part of the Fast & Furious seems to be predetermined. No reason to Lucas Black does not return to the track dift in two new films.

Rumors Eva Mendes back with section 8

Những lý do chắc chắn để Fast & Furious 8 ra đời

Info wall, Fast & Furious movies often unexpectedly brought back a familiar face in a more mysterious. Michelle Rodriguez’s character is said to have died before the Fast & Furious back to Fast & Furious 7 6. The viewer also met Sean Boswell character of Lucas Black. With the timeline repeat the same, some recent rumors about the return Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes character shown) is completely unfounded. Fast & Furious 7 In, Dom and his team involved in the work of the federal government, or the character of the government as Mr. Nobody. This can open a lot of doors for Fast & Furious racing team in either helping Monica Fuentes, or they must find a way to stay away from her. Perhaps Fast & Furious Label Spirit of Dom Toretto 7 will put into perspective by Monica Fuentes in the eighth? Or perhaps Mr. Nobody will have a new job for Dom in the new movie?

Veteran star Helen Mirren wants to be the villain of the Fast & Furious 8

Những lý do chắc chắn để Fast & Furious 8 ra đời

Opponents of Jason Statham has appeared. Recently veteran Helen Mirren star announced she wanted to play the villain in the movie Fast & Furious. In an interview with Yahoo! Movies, she said: My ambition is to appear in Fast & Furious movie. I really want is a frantic race in a movie. I became famous is for behind the wheel of his car in the movie. I have a Top Gear and did very well, but after the movie they did not ask me any more. I think I will be in Fast & Furious 8 .

She also mentioned the real reason to be in Fast & Furious: I must say Vin Diesel is so great. I you he. Vin is a great guy, smart. For him that I wanted to be present in a series of films and become a driver. “

abcya : Fast & Furious I waited 8 birth, is simply passionate


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