Son Goku Super Saiyan continue to morph … blue hair in Dragon Ball Z

According to information revealed by Akira Toriyama, the author will continue to Son Goku Super Saiyan turns into blue hair in anime Dragon Ball Z new

In the 20th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has revealed new images of Son Goku in the next cartoon Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F (Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F’). According to this picture is revealed, the Son Goku will continue transformation and change hair color to blue to fight Freiza (Phide) Gold Kim.

Hình ảnh mới tóc xanh của Son Goku

New images of the blue hair songoku

If as seen through the previous Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, you‘ll know that every incarnation Son Goku Super Sainyan God (Spirit Super Saiyan) with dark red hair color. And in this new, if still only Son Goku into red hair to defeat Freiza would be too boring. Therefore a new hair color should be included in the anime to make a difference and that is blue.

Ảnh chế hài hước của các fan hâm mộ tại Nhật

Image processing humor fans in Japan

After this new image of songoku was announced, many fans of Dragon Ball has 3 forms processing images of Son Goku transforms into a full traffic light with all three colors of the rainbow to express humor when Son Goku kept changing hair color like this.

Tác giả Akira Toriyama từng cho rằng màu đỏ mới là mạnh mẽ nhất.

Akira Toriyama author once said that red was the most powerful.

Even many fans are flipping a review of Akira Toriyama author when he spoke about the reasons for choosing hair color Son Goku in the previous Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Accordingly, the Akira Toriyama said that red look stronger yellow, green, red looked weaker, so the red will be selected to Super Saiyan God evolves in the previous section. So why then blue again selected for the new anime Dragon Ball Z: F Fukkatsu no this time?

Son Goku tiếp tục biến hình Siêu Saiyan... tóc xanh trong Dragon Ball Z

In addition to discussing the irony of new hair color, many fans also give reasons to explain this evolution of Son Goku. It is a Super Saiyan form just increase the power of one character only. Super Saiyan form is also God of gods Son Goku Super Saiyan turned to God when he came into Super Saiyan next evolution of gods and blue hair color.

Hãy cùng chờ đón phim hoạt hình Dragon Ball Z mới vào 18/04 tới đây.

Let’s look forward to Dragon Ball Z anime new on here 18/4.

Thus, all full picture of the main character in the anime Dragon Ball Z: no F Fukkatsu here including Gold Freiza Kim, Son Goku Green Hair has been fully revealed. Let’s look forward to this new war in the cartoon Dragon Ball Z: F Fukkatsu no release in the next 04 days to 18 months.

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