The malicious code that computer gamers Vietnamese food not sleep

Many gamers are case put himself into the trap of hacker when careless, malware or virus to infiltrate computer

Trojan software and steal information

Not long ago, a messy event has made many gamers have a lot more careful in the use of computers. Accordingly, Trend Labs laboratories, research laboratories IT products popular antivirus Trend Micro has published a lot of information that players and fans in Asia League of Legends feels like are over a barrel”.

Liên Minh Huyền Thoại: Zed tiếp tục bị giảm sức mạnh

More specifically, in the third set game League of Legends, Path of Exile and FIFA Online 3 was released in the Taiwan market, a very dangerous malware has been detected PlugX name is hidden in the set of titles game above. After traced the origins dispersal, Trend Labs said the Garena server clusters, enterprise is very strong in the field of internet gaming in Asia and is the source of the computer making the game installed gamers being attacked by malware above.

Currently the Garena server clusters in Asia is where the activity of a number of EA games (Battlefield 4), Riot Games (League of Legends), S2 Games (Strife) and some other NPH.


Consequently, many gamers were restlessness because a lot of them to store sensitive information in the computer such as bank account information or other personal accounts and other sensitive. This is absolutely not the first time trojan or malware is installed hidden in the installed game copies, threatening to information security in computer gaming.

Previously, tools installed add-ons for the game called Curse Client (fake version) had secretly installed a malicious malware on your computer gamers play World of Warcraft, then steal all the information as well as account passwords of gamers. More seriously, Blizzard also warned that even the players use the Authenticator app through the official Blizzard is not always safe with this malware.


Surely one of us, many people do not listen to below 1 times the term “keylogger”. And also there many times, keyloggers and those who use them have white snatch effort of many gamers online gaming Vietnam.

Tìm hiểu về kẻ thù của game thủ Việt - Keylogger 1

Keylog as software usually runs on the ground, which records all keystrokes entered by the user. Sometimes to avoid sending data often makes the track a user is attention”, the package can be designed to only send the data series seems useful such as a string some “lookslike a credit card code.

Tìm hiểu về kẻ thù của game thủ Việt - Keylogger 3

At its core, keylogger software has always been classified as malware malware. So we can detect a keylogger on your computer by scanning tools used. The most important is to choose the right security software no need for powerful and expensive, just have a name and reputation clearly. Avast, AVG, Avira offers free solutions and effective for ordinary users.

Malware trong game crack

Vadim Kotov expert in security firm Bromium (Cupertino, California, USA) reported on an emerging network malware blackmail cryptolocker have similar form, may be secretly hidden in the installation files to encode pirated games personal data on the user’s PC to blackmail.


Malware will encrypt the file number to be purchased by iTunes, lock files in the game of EA Sports copyright, Valve, Unreal Engine, Unity3D and the request victims to pay $ 200 to unlock the computer. Currently they have not found a source of spread of this type of malware, but it is known to be secretly installed in the file using the file crack pirated games on the internet.

Cài game crack bị tống tiền hơn 4 triệu đồng

When users to download pirated games wrong with this malware infection and set up their computer, the computer will be locked data, and then asked to pay $ 200 to redeem the data in the machine. This is a lesson for those wary of gamers prefer PC gaming crack when there is no security or antivirus tools needed in today’s internet age.

you or to play the games before then, we wish you good luck


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