E-sports: technology trends next billion from Asia

South Korea is the cradle to foster and develop e-sports and game play culture is increasingly popular in the US. The game may be American, but the associations and leagues with the oldest history, teams and players are still the most prominent Asian overwhelming. Based on the way that e-sports has developed in Korea, it is clear that this sport is ready to become mainstream in America.

Sporting events in 2014 have more viewers than the NBA Finals (18 million), resulting NCAA basketball championship competition (21.2 million), and World Series tournaments (23.5 million)? If you guess the Super Bowl (111.5 million), you are absolutely correct. But more surprising, then there is the 3rd World Championship season of League of Legends, electronic sports leagues (e-sports) has attracted 27 million viewers for a massively multiplayer online strategy game players . It is also a symbol for the major technology trends from Asia next.

Although esport seems quite underground” to most Americans, but they have become the industry billiondollar” in Asia, and common than we thought a lot in America. In 2013, the world has more than 71 million views globally competitive gamer track awards $ 25 million, according to research from Superdata. Only in the US, 31.4 million viewers e-sports; of which 70% were male, and 55% aged 21 to 35.

With at least 1/10 Americans tracking, e-sports has become a popular sport in any formal definition. The video platforms like Twitch now owned by Amazon have created millions of dollars in profits from advertising and subscribe, by allowing the gamer to e-sports broadcast for fans. However, businesses are still not profitable e-sports goods the way they did with American sports so billions of dollars are still untapped.

Ảnh minh họa

And maybe golden egg” next in e-sports is a virtual game (fantasy gaming), a product of American culture has made $ 4 billion from the traditional sports. To understand why the e-sports fantasy potential so, let’s look back at the evolution of e-Sports from Korea, back 17 years to the date of release of StarCraft, strategy games sci originated to all.

StarCraft and the formation of e-sports empire

May 10/1998, a production company American game Blizzard Entertainment has changed the history and culture of South Korea when released StarCraft. This is the origin of e-sports empire in the United States and around the world today.

South Korea is the ideal age for tables released StarCraft, because unlike the US and Japan preferred devices like the PlayStation game console at home, Koreans prefer PC gaming more. StarCraft is one of the first multiplayer strategy game that allows multiple players to compete with each other via the Internet, and if only to say that it is a hit” in South Korea alone is still quite modest. From 1998 to 2007, Blizzard sold 4.5 million copies of StarCraft in Asian countries nearly half of the entire game sales worldwide (9.5 million).

Ảnh minh họa

E-sports has grown to become one of the sport was recognized nationally in kimchi. In late 1998, the top StarCraft players who founded the Alliance Korean professional gamer (KPGL). Then within three years, South Korea has established Korean e-Sports Association; more than 50 teams are now sponsored competition in a tournament; and Ongamenet (OGN), e-sports channels first official world began broadcasting all events of the tournament. Events first World Cyber Games, the Olympics of e-sports, which took place in 2001, welcomed the foreign gamers to participate and experience the culture of e-sports.

2007 was a milestone of e-sports, with many broadcasters began negotiating with the tournament organizers e-sports broadcasting rights for the matches, like the US media networks NFL and the NBA has to do with.

Today, the prince” of e-sports League of Legends (LoL), Moba game was released in 2011, has attracted 32 million track for the World Championship in 2013. Dota 2, released in 2013 is also on the rise, up to 10.9 million USD investment bonus for the championship in 2014 the biggest prize in the history of e-sports.

Ảnh minh họa

South Korea is the cradle to foster and develop e-sports and game play culture is increasingly popular in the US. The game may be American, but the associations and leagues with the oldest history, teams and players are still the most prominent Asian overwhelming. Based on the way that e-sports has developed in Korea, it is clear that this sport is ready to become mainstream in America.

Paid to watch game

Up to 31 million Americans follow-up e-sports, and if that number is not enough to make you an impression of the impact of electronic forms of this sport, surely you will have to think again, knowing that the US has pay to see other people playing the game, and the advertiser is to invest in e-sports to attract the attention of this huge audience.

And Twitch is the e-sports channel broadcasting the largest in the US market, platform video live broadcast was Amazon‘s acquisition worth $ 970 million in March 8/2014. Today, Twitch has more than 100 million monthly users, including half of all males of Generation Y (8X and 9X) in the United States. Almost half of users Twitch spent more than 20 hours per week on this platform, which explains why it ranked 4th in the US on the following Internet traffic through Netflix, Google, and Apple.

Ảnh minh họa

On Twitch, gamers play to the audience directly, and the leading broadcast can earn up to 20,000 USD per month, according to the Interational Bussiness Times newspaper. Those who play their part aired on Twitch get a share advertising revenue and may charge premium subscribers include private chat, add emoticons, badges, and many other small benefits. Despite the high likelihood that young people will not pay the US $ 5 a month which is not necessary, but in August, Re / code Twitch reports that more than 600,000 people have paid subscriptions.

E-sports is not a passing trend in the United States. Twitch owner loyalty of users and B2B and B2C profit combo that any start-up companies would have to desire. Moreover, advertising and subscriptions only the value of e-sports celebrities.

Virtual Game combines the e-sports

Twitch is evidence that e-sports market in the US has a very enthusiastic fan base, spending 20 hours a week to track and willing to pay for those who love their broadcast to have the privilege chat. Similarly 41.5 million people participate in virtual sports in North America. The similarities and the early success of the e-sports game Virtual virtual show gameplay is the next step in the process of promoting e-sports.

The figure of 41.5 million is provided by the Association of virtual sports exchange (FSTA), organizational support virtual game in the US and Canada. Their mission is to ensure that people do not equate law with virtual sports gambling. Based on data from the FSTA, players spend 3.64 billion a year for the virtual game. Audience, including 80% of men, spend 18 hours a week for sports, 8.67 hours for virtual sport and the average age is about 34. This statistic is similar to e-sports fan United States, only a little older than a few million for severance and costs.

Ảnh minh họa

When you consider the audience is male generation 8X 9X, tracking the amount of time a lot more, the cycle of the tournament, and infrastructure accessible via Twitch, the game is a virtual certainty ideal market and fertile. If this market is created, the e-sports fans will certainly have the ability to pick winners and toss money into, as the same people are involved in football and basketball virtual.

Virtual applications such as FanDuel or DraftKings showed that the amounts of money can move on from the normal group of friends on the web. FanDuel alone has earned more than 370 million in quarter 4/2014 joining fee 4.5 times compared with the same period a year earlier. DraftKings also expected to provide more than $ 1 billion in bonuses this year.

Virtual E-sports is full of promising prospects, despite US channels screening deciding game or not. A study combining NAPTE and Consumer Electronics Association America, only 55% generation 8X, 9X TV is considered the main viewing platform, and that number will continue to decrease. Even without TV, e-sports and its virtual tournament will head the trend in the future.


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