Female boxers UFC event Mortal Kombat five bared X

The reason stems from the new characters Cassie Cage Mortal Kombat game in X.

To build a character in the game, the developers inspired by someone in real life is not something rare, Mortal Kombat Series as an example. Two boxers often appear in the version of this fighting game is Liu Kang and Johnny Cage in turn are based on the same pattern Bruce Jean Claude Van Damme.

In the newest game Mortal Kombat recently launched X, developer NetherRealm has added a new character named Cassie Cage Cage daughter of Johnny and Sonya Blade. This is the source of trouble recently when a female fighter UFC has voiced that NetherRealm has used his image illegally to build Cassie.


Felice Herrig vĂ  Cassie Cage.

To prove his statement, Felice Herrig uploaded some pictures comparisons between her and Cassie Cage in the game. In addition to appearances, Herrig also choose the same position between her and virtual characters, especially like shooting styles and movements take a selfie blowing bubbles. Unlike many conflicts between the Grand Theft Auto series and Hollywood stars which show the absurdity is clear from the first glance, Felice Herrig complaints seem relatively unfounded.


Within the UFC, Felice Herrig is very prominent female boxer, so that the images she uploaded her personal page quickly attracted the attention of fans. Felice initially expressed interest in Mortal Kombat X when there is a character bearing resemblance to his face, but as the day when the image ads that use NetherRealm have shown it is not a coincidence, Felice started thinking about thanks to the intervention of the law.


High probability that the development team at NetherRealm has inspired Felice Herrig to build Cassie Cage and perform ad stitching bit too far. Currently Felice Herrig will not assert Warner Bros. and NetherRealm appear in court, but surely they would have to have a satisfactory arrangement, if not caught in the unnecessary trouble.

itself made her grow, so does not need to?


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