Stunning with more expensive computer case gaming

With the lofty price of nearly 30 million, the computer case is a result of all gamers desire worldwide

You are not wrong about the cost of the case where the machine. But the surprising thing is, when you spend 30 million Dong, you will only be owned the shell named MBX MKII from manufacturers XForma only. Each named MURDERBOX, MBX MKII covers this case indeed like a work of art, making any gamer would have to gloat.


The biggest bright spot of this computer system case is water-cooling system installed directly integrated into the machine. Of course, this system has been XForma calculated and carefully installed, the system creates a gorgeous even when players are not stuffed into any computer hardware such as motherboard or graphics card.

It can be said, at the cost of $ 1,250, or nearly 30 million Dong, XForma MBX MKII is certainly the dream of many gamers, the amount of money they can buy an entire deck of the computer with the ability to fight well every game now. But when you look at the picture below of MBX MKII, surely gamers among us have to gloat:

 good,very good,

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