The beautiful game online project launched prepare gamers

Let us go through these online games notable upcoming gaming community worldwide


At the Taipei Game Show 2015 event at the beginning of the year, a new RPG called Embergarde was the game developer Runewaker Taiwan introduced. It should be mentioned is the property Embergarde image as well as the gameplay is not too much different from the role-playing game Diablo III blockbuster, released in 2012.

Currently title has officially internal testing phase with the number of players is limited. Information about this RPG can follow in

Details gameplay makes Embergarde become extremely brilliant name turns out to be is what creates success for Diablo III: The dungeon will change randomly during gameplay, creating a less frustrating experience than games for gamers to participate.

The developer Runewaker said the game will be released in 2015 this right.


Previously project Crowfall online game ever made to the gaming community was stunned when the display areato the extreme features and obtain the amount donated up to $ 800,000, equivalent to 17 billion only came in there. .. 4 days. According to the latest information from the NSX, the game will open the first test into right summer good news for those who are anxiously waiting for the blockbuster” is.

Game bom tấn Crowfall sẽ mở cửa ngay mùa hè này

Crowfall: Throne War was molded by Gordon Walton Manufacturer of popular online games such as Ultima Online or most recently Star Wars: The Old Republic

Besides, property Crowfall beautiful graphics and eye-catching, besides fighting style non-target actions. More specifically, as the name Crowfall takes players into a large open world, where players will be free to fight, build their own forces.

Sốc với game online đòi quyên góp 17 tỷ đồng

Background in Crowfall built in European style familiar mythology, when humans lived alongside the existence of other races like orcs, elves

Special characteristics of the next Crowfall from normal gameplay as other MMORPGs, players will be free to occupy the land, and built houses, palaces for their own guild. In addition, wide world with the giant Boss, the mysterious dungeon was compelling content for gamers to unleash explore.

Project Genom

Recently a project worthy blockbuster online game called Project genome has been introduced, the first point of this game is gorgeous graphics platform is built based on the Unreal Engine 4. As expected the game will open the first test into June this year on the right delivery system Steam.

Genomics Project is a mechanism MMORPG combat non-target set in the future use of the weapons mostly guns, so gamers will feel like you are playing a game combining RPG shooter 3rd point, feeling very fresh.

Project Genom - Game online tuyệt đẹp mới được hé lộ

The game is set in the distant future on another planet, so in Genomics Project gamers will see a lot of strange monsters and must perform a series of tasks is very difficult to understand, but very interesting position.

Project Genom - Game online tuyệt đẹp mới được hé lộ

In the game, players will choose one of three character classes are Fighter, and Energy System Technology skills, different furniture. Genomics Project also offers the traditional game modes PvP, PvE is associated with weapons, special equipment.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Publisher Square Enix has officially announced prices for Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward. Gamers will have to spend $ 40 for up game license key, but the publisher has not yet announced whether the monthly fee as version A Realm Reborn previously or not. Also as expected, the game will be ready to open the door to the gaming community worldwide since 19/06 days for those who pre order the game, and will officially open on 23/06 here.


Besides the changes in gameplay, the maximum level character in Final Fantasy XIV can get will be raised to 60. Along with that is a lot of big changes in gameplay as improved system Raid level, the food items and recipes to create a new map, or new large area ever in an older version.


If you do not know the version of Heavensward predecessor, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a remake of the original Final Fantasy XIV game the worst version of the popular game series Final Fantasy. Before backlash from fans, which Square Enix has decided to develop from scratch to appease gamers who love this series.

Game thủ Việt có thể chơi Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn miễn phí

It can be said that Square Enix has been very successful in building a version of Final Fantasy XIV completely new after the spectacular failure of the old version. With the change in gameplay as base change from traditional turn of the series to play non – target with bold action and stunning graphics platform made gamers forced to hook it up to purchase Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on.

Ghost in the Shell Online

As reported earlier, on April 8/4 blockbuster online game Ghost in the Shell Online has opened experiment lasted until 12/4 server in the Korean market. However gamers Vietnam nearly impossible join this test phase by registering an account difficulties and active telephone.

To help gamers closer look test batch of Ghost in the Shell Online, let us track the introduction clip of the hit titles Korea opened this:

Although the current Ghost in the Shell Online yet to play but players were able to learn about a number of control mechanisms, shooting, weapons and combat in the game mode is Demolition, Team Death Match Match and Team Tactics.

Cận cảnh Ghost in the Shell Online ngày thử nghiệm đầu tiên

Ghost in the Shell Online is developed by Neople, an attached studio Nexon, known for titles such as Dungeon Fighter Online or MOBA Cyphers. The game promises to bring many new gameplay mechanics and more closely follow the original elements to bring the best experience for players.

Cận cảnh Ghost in the Shell Online ngày thử nghiệm đầu tiên

This online game is developed with the fierce battle between the scramble Cyborg energy reserves remains rare. In addition to the gunfight peak phase, the game also introduces a concept called cyberization and features various in-game based on the anime and manga of the same name. In addition, Ghost in the Shell Online also includes a variety of content such as co-op mode, and AI game mode combines artificial intelligence and players.

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