There will be games for Sailor Moon

Just fan demand, Namco Bandai will meet with a themed game Sailor Moon.

In Japan, almost any public building game based on manga or anime Bandai Namco must be adopted by the company with the company formerly known as toy manufacturers 3rd largest in the world, holding the majority of license related to the comic book character / cartoon. According to a new disclosure Namco Bandai representative from the gaming community if there is enough demand, they will carry the game on Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon) the character was too familiar in many people’s childhood .

Sẽ có game về Thủy Thủ Mặt Trăng
 The manga Sailor Moon ever fever at home in Japan when released from 1992 to 1997 and has recently attracted attention back thanks to new anime films. Head of Namco Bandai plans Tak Miyazoe he said it with Viz Media the company distributes products comic animation in the US market is to promote the development of brand Sailor Moon. Recently kinds of plush toys Sailor Moon sales are positive, so that a game based on the same team you follow her Usagi Namco Bandai is an idea worth considering.

We are always ready. The problem lies in the fact that you want a game of Sailor Moon, have enthusiastically received and not only. And more importantly, you want the game to look like? He Miyazoe said.

Sẽ có game về Thủy Thủ Mặt Trăng
 Namco Bandai ago (when it was Bandai) had released a number of games Sailor Moon eat, mostly genre antagonists. Currently the company is also responsible for many products related to comic cartoon Naruto Shippuden Japan as Dragon Ball, Bleach and also doubles sewing ported to other languages.

Clearly not a game of Sailor Moon has attracted a community of gamers which most men? Throughout history there have been many strong female protagonists appear as Lara Croft success, Bayonetta, Samus Aran, so make only problem lies in the pulse” what gamers want in Sailor Moon only.

I always look forward to the birth of the games, and you are back


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