Top mobile game for your pleasure experience on the Galaxy S6 (P2)

If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone hot S6 is definitely worth checking out all the exciting mobile game in the article below.

Blood & Glory: Immortals

Famous game developer Glu Mobile has launched action role-playing game called cult Blood & Glory: Immortals. This version of Glu games launched to compete with other games of the same genre. Style action RPG with mechanisms freedom fighter Blood & Glory mad: Immortals promises to bring the gaming community worldwide a huge craze ever.

Loạt game mobile nước ngoài hấp dẫn mới ra mắt

Games with a combination of history and legend, where the Roman Empire existed as a flourishing civilization and most powerful of men. Join the mobile game, you will enter into the role of one of the most powerful warriors of the Empire against the army of the Greek gods such as monsters, the undead, hell dog, the ice to numerous lords aggressive giant size …. because they are intending flattened mighty Roman Empire and the wall will deter the supreme god that.

Loạt game mobile nước ngoài hấp dẫn mới ra mắt

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure

Help Me In Jack: Adventure Atomic major players show their ability to survive. You will fall in ruins context where the earth was shaken by mysterious explosion at a nuclear plant experiments. Human beings have mutated, radioactive turned into bloodthirsty monsters scary. A wild scene and ruined happening right before your eyes. Duties of the role-play as Jack and his friends participate in the journey to restore the city, searching for missing persons and find the cure to save the world from the disease is spreading rapidly.

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure - Biệt đội giải cứu Trái đất

In this place, the player RPG that Jack with his superhero team make every attempt to save what remains of humanity in ashes. You will discover the lost city and attempt to rescue the kidnapped by the mutant and the cause of the mutation. The game has 200 levels and your goal is not to destroy all the mutant but also to find a way to rescue the scientists and doctors. These are the last hope to bring to the study of a vaccine cure for human diseases.

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure - Biệt đội giải cứu Trái đất

Game of Thrones

Game of Throne about the ancient world, where the kingdom was being neurotic by the death of the king. The test different warlords and rebel forces attempt to build the desired gain Iron Thrones kingship. Players will play a new aristocracy whose mission is to build and battle with other families through the tasks in the game.

Top game mobile cho bạn thỏa sức trải nghiệm trên Galaxy S6 (P2)

For specific guidance from NPC, you will increase the power of his kingdom to fight and win against other clans. As an online game, the Game of Thrones Ascent ready to connect to facebook, help players to easily play anywhere whether on mobile devices or social network facebook.

Top game mobile cho bạn thỏa sức trải nghiệm trên Galaxy S6 (P2)

You will need to collect material during game play to build empires of their own Sworn Swords. Doing so can be quite large rewards, especially when including the message from the legend favorite Game of Thrones.


Start the game, players are put into a strange world without any accompanying explanation. There is no specific form, the boy shows up in Limbo simply a shadow to the eyes are two small bright spots. Also the eyes are the first to distinguish him from the rest of the world gioiLimbo, the world in which encapsulates the only two colors: black and white.

Limbo - Siêu phẩm phiêu lưu xuất hiện trên di động

Game completely not give the player storyline, suggestions or any indication yet. You will be really try to feel survival” when going from one place to another, to overcome all the pitfalls to trap the other it is particularly attractive players.

Limbo - Siêu phẩm phiêu lưu xuất hiện trên di động

However, the colors in Limbo would you be surprised with the depth and appeal of it. Step through the abandoned factory, the city in ruins the player feel desolate, cold here. The feeling that the rise of blackwhite tones that bring Limbo. Moreover, the image of the game are vague, blurry footage enter old. This is an amazing light effects that add world where dim.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Top 20 game mobile đồ họa HD chất lượng cao trên Android (phần 3)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the story of the character Carl CJ” Johnson, one of the gang members Grove Streets, now back to San Andreas after his mother’s murder case. He quickly involved in gang fights to protect the sovereignty of Grove Streets. You can customize pretty much anything on the CJ that the most, from clothing to shape the outside.


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