Scores on the unique online game gaming is about to explode

All online games are for the following unique features to attract gamers to enjoy community

Magicka: Wizard Wars

According to the official announcement from Paradox Interactive, online MOBA game Magicka impressive magic: Wizard Wars will officially entered the stage of commercialization in the next 28/4 days, after a long trial. This game was released as a free hour play through Steam so players will not have to spend money to participate in the game.

In Magicka: Wizard Wars, players will be participating in the 4 vs 4 game PvP extremely lively and exciting. While the game can be placed entirely on the MOBA genre, then the battle trongMagicka: Wizard Wars to not require tactical thinking to the level of sharp players. Instead, all you need do is attack your opponent directly. Of course, to increase the level of difficulty for the game, if you accidentally cast the winning team, they will lose the same amount of blood enemy.

Obviously a game like Magicka: Wizard Wars will become fun and much more mundane than names like DotA and LoL, the game requires concentration and the ability to control the character of goods hand out”.

Civilization Online

So XLGAMES and declared ready 2KGAMES open Civilization Online test preparation for the final round of the official launch shortly thereafter. Currently the players love this game was able to register an account test at home

Game chiến thuật Civilization Online chuẩn bị thử nghiệm lần cuối

Inheriting the quintessence of the popular Civilization series, the online version of the hit strategy game is brought to gamers with an entirely new genre, the series combines tactical RPG.

Like many other strategy games, Civilization Online players will have to start as a small lords, and upgrading its stronghold to develop forces, as well as fighting for the glory of his kingdom. 3 major force in the game is still the nations of antiquity familiar, respectively Rome, China and Egypt.

Game chiến thuật Civilization Online chuẩn bị thử nghiệm lần cuối

Tactical elements can be seen in Civilization Online you will have to upgrade stronghold, as well as conducting the mining, harvesting resources for the development of their stronghold.

However, the upgrading of maintenance work only increases the strength of character, while the main features of the game still goes towards immersive as players can train and equip level their characters.


So impressive shooter online game Hounds (full name Hounds: The Last Hope) has officially entered open beta version in English. This is a good opportunity for Vietnamese gamers favorite genre 3rd person shooter style action hand.

Game bắn zombie Hounds: The Last Hope chính thức mở cửa

Hounds fighting style is bold action by shooting display by hand so has the amount of zombies appear very large. In addition, gamers also get to experience the feeling particularly tight guillotine or promotion shield override” the hell down and treating” them very impressive, rare in any horror shooter online yet.

Despite its reputation as the shooter but Hounds gameplay combined role characterized with unique character classes and skill support (currently there are 4 separate class skill table), feeling very interesting .

Game bắn zombie Hounds: The Last Hope chính thức mở cửa

In the game, the player’s task is to play the Warriors to jointly overcome the large army of zombies, game modes Coop enhance team collaboration capabilities in every room different game. Both PvE and PvP modes of Hounds are meticulously cared.

Dragon’s Dogma Online

Recently, Capcom has officially announced its terrible online game Dragon‘s Dogma is Online will be released as a free playtime. It is expected that the first test phase of the cult game will take place within this month, more specifically from 20/04 to this day. Currently gamers can sign up for an account and wait for luck to her.

Dragon‘s Dogma Accordingly in Online will have class as Fighter 4 The mighty warrior specializes in melee; Hunter marksman with the ability to shoot arrows hit pressing development department; Priest Mage support is extremely important in the battle; Sage Shield Class extremely special with a huge shield, capable of protest against any spell.

Hàng khủng Dragons Dogma Online chắc chắn sẽ miễn phí

Current day‘s opening game is still unknown, we only know that Dragon‘s Dogma Online will be open world RPG gaming platforms PC, PS3 and PS4. In the game, players will be able to participate in the choking game with monsters and intense PvP.


At the Taipei Game Show 2015 event at the beginning of the year, a new RPG called Embergarde was the game developer Runewaker Taiwan introduced. It should be mentioned is the property Embergarde image as well as the gameplay is not too much different from the role-playing game Diablo III blockbuster, released in 2012.


Currently title has officially internal testing phase with the number of players are playing to try Embergarde very limited. Information about the RPG can monitor at home

Ember Garde

Details gameplay makes Embergarde become extremely brilliant name turns out to be is what creates success for Diablo III: The dungeon will change randomly during gameplay, creating a less frustrating experience than games for gamers to participate.

friv 2I look forward to new games appear


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