The game changed gaming forever

At the time of launch, the game is a real phenomenon in gaming.

Have you ever played a game yet and it feels like I’m in a different world, a world with a lot of new things that you have never met in a previous product? Until now, there are many such games. That’s what the game does not change our perspective on the game, but also change the way gamers play the game. Here is a list of some of the new and the old name, brought the most important innovation in the development of the game world

Gran Turismo


Before the arrival of the Gran Turismo series, the racing most entertaining is the main. Ultimately well structured around the circular track and you gradually unlock more cars and more genuine in the development of the game. But the game is difficult to convey to the players a sense of sitting correctly on the super-expensive cars and rocket on the famous racetrack in the world.

And Gran Turismo born. This game emulates a lot of different factors on a race track in real life, even the way the wheels dragging on the pavement in the different conditions. Also, it is a game with graphics like the most practical of the game on the 32bit console. While this series has started to lose the essence since Gran Turismo 3, but it still marks a significant milestone in the development of the racing series.



For longtime gamers, there are two words that can make them very heartbreaking: Sega Dreamcast. Anyone who owns a console is mostly played through the game Shenmue and feel regret when this series is death while still unfinished. Shenmue was for the world to see two things. First, the game suggests an action game Adventure / RPG true look like.

With the engine used in Virtua Fighter Virtua line, Yu Suzuki has created a remarkable productions completely different titles simultaneously on the size, scope and storyline. Unfortunately, Shenmue also shows us that the instability of the Dreamcast, when sales out of this game is half compared to the cost of development.


The title of the first generation of the old list is Metroid. This game gives gamers the change in a few different factors. First, Metroid has changed quite a lot mechanism of a purely 2D platform game that allows the player to move in any direction in all of the game play screen. This allows you to go back to the old areas and explore new things after they upgrade their abilities, something that the previous game of the same type can not be done.


Monday, in fact there is no concept of the game screen play” different. Instead of letting players go through each individual game screen, Metroid only a vast world to explore. And finally, the most important thing: the game’s main character is a woman. Before that, most of the female characters in the game world are portrayed in a “potted flowers“. But certainly not Samus. She was the one who first spoke about the equality of men and women in the world game
Super Mario 64


In 1985, the first Super Mario game introduction brought many changes to the platform game genre scrolling horizontal (side-scrolling). Then there were many other games and learning to follow the footsteps of Super Mario Bros, but has little game that could excel as this series. Some time later, the Super Mario series is also very solid progress with various improvements in all aspects.

When Nintendo 64 launch, Mario is once again a pioneer. Super Mario 64 is a true 3D game first. In fact, at the time of the Sony PlayStation also had the ability to do this, but no one ventured to break the successful formula which was too old. When Super Mario 64 was released on the market, this game has burst the barriers of the old tradition of gaming and make way for a new generation of 3D gaming to a completely new gaming world has depth and is more attractive much.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


But now more and go down, but also to recognize that there is a shooter that can compare with the Call of Duty on the level of success in the market. And also do not have a game in the series have been as influential Modern Warfare titles. Before this game appearance, maybe we can just feel the intense, dark side of the war through the documentary. These feelings are portrayed in a game very honest, and more amazing than the modern day context of Modern Warfare.

Nowadays, this motif has become all too familiar in the shooter, but only after the opening of the pioneers Call of Duty. In addition, this series also shaping a community of gamers online bamboo tungcapable swear all the time, everywhere and in every situation.


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