DOTA 2 Guide Special: Omniknight offlane – Light Guards

Ownership of skill under penchant super defense, Omniknight is one of the heroes have the most ability to survive in DOTA 2.

Not only do well the role of a familiar support, Omniknight solo offlane has the ability to cope with all Triplane most aggressive enemy. Forward and do not hesitate hard, you‘ll be sure plates are solid comrades in battle DOTA 2.

Guide DOTA 2 đặc biệt: Omniknight offlane – Vệ binh ánh sáng

* Note: This series is for reference only and experiment, not a recipe template for the Hero. Only practice when you‘ve mastered the basics of DOTA 2. We are not responsible if you get the report, please carefully consider your rank points before testing the new style.

Starting Strength of Omniknight

Strength: 20 + (2.65 x Lv) Main Index

Agility: 15 + (1.75 x Lv)

Intelligence: 17 + (1.8 x Lv)

HP: 530

Mana: 221

Damage: 51-61

Armor: 5.1

Attack Speed: 1.5 seconds / hit

Movement Speed: 305

Visibility day / night: 1800/800

The scope of attacks: melee
Omniknight order to improve skill in position offlaner

Guide DOTA 2 đặc biệt: Omniknight offlane – Vệ binh ánh sáng

Phase start game

In a DOTA 2 team, solo offlane position is the position facing the most challenging. In the early stage of the game, you will have operational independence with 2 or 3 Hero of the enemy. Just a little careless, you will be on the table count“. If this currency offenses repeated many times, you will actually be the burden of the team.

With Omniknight, you can be assured a bit about their ability to survive. Ministry of defense skill super heroes can help you get through the difficult phase in pursuit of the enemy and lane as long as possible. However it should not be too confident and result in subjective. You should know that the strong Triplane off you can still hit the road in one note”.

The items you should consider carrying a starting time:

Guide DOTA 2 đặc biệt: Omniknight offlane – Vệ binh ánh sáng
 There are two most important things you should keep in mind when going offlane it is plugged ward position and always tracking map at all times. These are two factors that determine your survival as an independent to combat in the devil subjects“. With a offlaner, safety is always a goal to be at the forefront. So buy shoes soon (450 gold) and immediately raise skill Repel (against permitting) at lv 1.

These items should be purchased in the next stage:

Guide DOTA 2 đặc biệt: Omniknight offlane – Vệ binh ánh sáng

As has been the shoe and Phase Soul Ring, things will become easier for you. Uses Ring Soul Purification and spam spells (healing) in a reasonable manner, the amount of gold you earn will be enough for the item to be important in the next phase. If you have too much in offlane incinerated, can consider the jungle to get to the amount necessary experience and gold.

Period between game

Entering the stage mid game, your mission is to pave the way to the forefront of battles, taking vision and shielding allies. For stronger and more confident with the role of leader, prioritizing the use skill to repel yourself.

When combat occurs, focus attack the enemy’s weak support. Buff and aggressively repel money in mid-battle, you will make the support for the confusion and the enemy team will be disturbed. Note keep a reasonable distance to the team. It should not be overly aggressive as outlined so far from the team, you will still destroy the enemy quickly, even if you repel or ulti.

Drum is a handy item to Omniknight. Additional items will give you a large amount of stats is accompanied by acceleration hitting, running speed for the entire team. With the price of gold in 1850 average shape, Drum item is dream of every team in the period of early mid game.

To increase access and mobility buffer, you should give priority to the item increases blood, armor and speed runs. Sange & Yasha, Crimson Guard, Mekansm, Scepter is the perfect items for this period. Note that if you set up Mekansm, should consider to Arcane boots (shoes mana) instead Phase boots in early game.

These items should be purchased at this stage:

Guide DOTA 2 đặc biệt: Omniknight offlane – Vệ binh ánh sáng

End-stage game

When you go into the game play decisive moment, the role of Omniknight is extremely important. With the ultimate strength has been increased by Scepter (green sticks), you can buff armor for all allies at every position on the map; included here allied heroes, creeps and everything works. Use ulti effective and reasonable, the possibility of winning the team will be significantly increased. If the enemy team has a lot of physical damage, please consider the Refresher Orb up to 2 times ulti.

At this stage, Omniknight was quite stiff to live long in combat, take priority use to repel the team so they can comfortably maneuver. The crisis has the ability to carry strong snowball as Void, Troll, Am, SF will add enormously dangerous if the help repel from your skill.

If your team lacks disable the Abyssal Blade (hammer bash 2) Scythe of Vyse and (hex rod) is not a bad choice. If the enemy team has many Blink dager to open combat, let’s consider the Radiance to lock up their blink. Also the support items such as cattle Heart, Skadi or Shiva also should not be overlooked. Heart will help you get blood terrible Shiva also increased armor and the ability to slow the enemy increases. That are the perfect items that are open all the way tanker Convention.

These items should be purchased at this stage:

Guide DOTA 2 đặc biệt: Omniknight offlane – Vệ binh ánh sáng

Notes on playing solo offlane Omniknight in place:

Priority upgrade immediately repel skill at level 1. The resistance to the same speed runs well, the opponent has little chance to finish you. Let’s concentrate 100% on the observation map and watch the enemy Hero. Remember that if repel time, you will unscathed even while not losing a drop of blood. Conversely, if slow 1s, you would evaporate immediately without any chance to turn repel.
Safety is always a top priority of offlaner. Do not just for children 1 2 creeps that move into the danger area. Be the cumulative amount of patience and experience as much as possible. Later, when the soul has been ring, the farm was completely easy.

When you do not have to buy the items of a support, you absolutely have the ability to map very quickly and form a shield of steel for the team. Only the vanguard, drum, soul ring and a pair of shoes, you can maneuver in mid-tilt in combat game that should not hesitate a little something. Try to work up front to create some breathing room to carry combat and support allies in the rear. Your main task is to sweep the enemy support, take the vision for the team, attracted damage and disrupt the enemy team.

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