Top RPGs can not ignore the future

A series of role-playing games from all over the world is food for the mind that a lot of gamers are waiting to enjoy

Echo of Soul

According to new information received, the English version of the game online hot Echo of Soul will open closed beta testing in the next 4/5 days. Currently gamers can sign up for an account and purchase the package Founder‘s Packs for additional prizes in the virtual world.

Cơ hội cho game thủ Việt chơi Echo of Soul bản tiếng Anh

If you do not know, Echo of Soul is quite similar to TERA Online in both graphics and gameplay. Moreover, the game world is also promising to build quite large, with nearly 100 map comes with 2000 different missions scattered in each map. System map supplement to the massive Boss allows up to 20 users simultaneously.

Cơ hội cho game thủ Việt chơi Echo of Soul bản tiếng Anh

In addition, it features a very notable in the Echo of Soul Soul System is a system that allows players to use the Chaos Soul collected from monsters, beat Boss to rising Stats character. Game is 4 character classes are Warrior, Guardian, Rogue and the Sorceress. Each class will have the strength characteristics and individual skill.

Master X Master

According to the latest report from NCsoft, the impressive MOBA game online Master X Master will conduct the 2nd test at home to Korea on June 1 to May 10 next. In addition, the Chinese version will open shortly thereafter, and is more accessible than the original.

First, the attraction of Master X Master from character design, background, plot-based MMORPG Blade & Soul famous, online games that are popular 2nd (behind League of Legends) in Korean Korea. Perhaps because of this that NSX NCSoft has designed a game with gameplay style of the two games played this.

Master X Master - Game MOBA cực độc ấn định mở cửa đầu tháng 5

On the gameplay mechanics, Master X Master can make you somewhat reminiscent to the hit RPG Diablo III, designed with a fixed angle 3 from above, next to a control character movement by right, launching attacks with the left mouse key and hot familiar.

Master X Master - Game MOBA cực độc ấn định mở cửa đầu tháng 5

Most of skill in the Master Master X are non-target, and players will need to orient themselves to the keeper. And although the majority of all skill damage on a large scale given, but in order to achieve maximum efficiency, players still need to train more skilled players to launch attacks accurately.

Cabal 2

So hot online game Cabal 2 will officially open test version for the international market in the next day 30/4. This is a good opportunity for Vietnam to join gamers closed beta phase, those interested can learn more at home

Graphics, though not really sleek, eye-catching as many other online games but Cabal 2 still giving players the true feeling when entering the world of gaming. The context, characters, monsters, buildings are meticulously designed, and especially the colors simple, not too flashy help players not too be blurred” the game experience.

Cabal 2 mở cửa cuối tháng 4, game thủ Việt đã có thể đăng ký

The mechanism is still fighting in Cabal 2 exit familiar target. However, the skill of the character in the game was hit in several beats, usually between 3-4 consecutive beats and accompanying special effects that monster shock and unable to fight back.

Đánh giá Cabal 2: Game online đỉnh nhưng cực dễ chơi

Besides, the mechanism of skill combos together to Chain Attackto increase the amount of damage from 1 Cabal still be included to increase the attraction. Instead of constantly spam the skill repeatedly as other online games, players must combine skills together in rhythm to increase the damage. It is unique and special in Cabal 2 compared to the online role-playing games and other genres.

Monster Hunter Online

According to the recently released blockbuster online game Monster Hunter Online closed beta officially open 4th in the Chinese market in the afternoon yesterday, 21/04. Details gamers can refer to the website or directly download the installation of the game at then register an account and enjoy.

Bom tấn Monster Hunter Online chuẩn bị mở cửa thử nghiệm

Monster Hunter Online (abbreviated MHO) is a 3D online game developed based on the company’s Monster Hunter series coming from Capcom Japan. The company Tencent Games has received authorization from the Capcom and cooperation for mutual development, responsible for product release in the Chinese market.

MHO developed by CryEngine, gives a perfect platform graphics, plus unique gameplay combines elements of action and role-playing, players will experience the feeling extremely interesting fight with the monsters unique.

Bom tấn Monster Hunter Online chuẩn bị mở cửa thử nghiệm

The game is using the CryEngine 3 tools to develop, so it gives a platform extremely powerful graphics, the details of the wider environment and characters are very detailed, complex effects on dump shade and water are very real, will certainly help players get very visual experience was. However, because the foundation of high quality graphics to Monster Hunter Online fairly heavy and consume hardware.

Cosmic Break 2

Such as online gaming fun animated graphics Cosmic Break 2 has officially phase free Open beta testing in the Japanese market. Interestingly, this game does not require activation code to participate in the test, so gamers can refer to Vietnam as well as register for an account at the homepage:

Cosmic Break 2 by CyberStep maker game from Japanese developer, the next version of the shooter funny cartoon graphics Cosmic Break ever launched in 2008 and put a lot of success.

Cosmic Break 2 - Game hoạt hình hấp dẫn mở cửa thử nghiệm

Cosmic Break 2 NSX promises to keep fighting style action filled with fun gameplay of the original and taken to a new level with much more play mode. Add to that the new graphics platform with outstanding character, the robot can be tweaked to be very special.

Cosmic Break 2 - Game bắn súng hoạt hình mới toanh

Known features of Cosmic Break 2 is a game environment can be changed in battle, meaning that gamers will be able to interact with as part of the walls, the house, even the big mountains extremely interesting.

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