Top 5 “His talent” Final Fantasy can not be ignored on mobile

Here are 5 best face in the hit series Final Fantasy game on the mobile platform.

Final Fantasy has built a large empire in the gaming world, and this keeps the empire continues to expand beyond themselves. Series Fantasy series has landed so many different platforms. And today, we will introduce to you some Final Fantasy titles on the mobile platform, if you are a hardcore fan of this game series would not want to ignore, “he project” Excellence in Post below.

Final Fantasy VI

The game was first launched in 1994, is part 6 of the legendary Final Fantasy series, possesses many characteristics radically new and most distinctive is the Square Enix game to the mobile port. Compared came before him, Final Fantasy VI allows players to control all the main characters involved in the action adventure epic.

Version for mobile retain fictional characteristics of the original epic also been tweaked so that maximum compatibility with new platforms eg storage capacity via iCloud game, beautiful 3D graphics , touch control system with the player friendly.

Final Fantasy VI possesses a rich cast of characters, each person has the ability to combat and powerful magic. In the course of performing duties monsters, collect … players will gradually upgrade and develop your character to your liking. This is the first Final Fantasy game with the arrival of the Ultima Weapon, sword strongest ever, promises the ultimate action.

Final Fantasy III

Promoting traditionally has, Final Fantasy III takes players to a world where the existence of two continents, a float, a bottom surface. There, the world was in balance by contemporary crystal bowl, comprising four members and four members optic crystal crystallized dark. However, the balance has been broken when smoking shaman Xande astray and energy of quartz glass breaking, to seek immortality. Years later, four orphans of the continent‘s carriers have been selected four light warriors next generation, the responsibility to save the world from destruction.

Top 5

Back to the gameplay, not too much to say that most quintessential of the Final Fantasy series are derived from this version. That career system with 23 different job, the battle system was first put into the special commands like Steal (shoplifting) and Jump (a special form of attack), and the most important is the emergence first appearance of the feature invoked the gods (such as Odin, Shiva and Bahamut), inherently become inseparable symbol of later Final Fantasy series.


That is not to mention the soundtrack, which is the most famous melodies sounded after each win, the image of the uncle chocobo moogle or fat, all of which are reused in many later versions as a custom signs labeled Final Fantasy.


Like the other versions, Final Fatansy III is RPG with turn-based combat format battles took place entirely random. However, the maximum number of characters allowed combat in Final Fantasy III was four, not to mention the secondary characters appear randomly to help the player.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is built on a simple 2D graphics in 8-bit style ancient skill effects relatively obscure figure. Still, the landmarks in each previous version of Final Fantasy appeared and easy for gamers to get on with its own accents. Indeed, if a comment as a gamer First contact with this game, the graphics stream from Final Fantasy: Record Keeper not really make players feel satisfied.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper - Ôn lại ký ức series Final Fantasy

Sound is one of the strengths of the Final Fantasy series, so it’s hard to find any point except from here. From SFX sounds extremely familiar character in the control panel until the BGM segment which players will immediately recognize right from walking tracks sounded. In particular, it is possible to mention the classics like Prelude OST segment, or Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack To Zanarkand … are fully appear.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper - Ôn lại ký ức series Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy V

The story of Final Fantasy V takes us on a magical world of magic and the knights, the battle between good and evil. In the past, the devil Exdeath have caused terrible disasters and bear only disappear when sealed by the Knights hope and the sacred crystals.


30 years later, the ambitious revival Exdeath revenge and destroy the world. Of the four knights that day and now it’s just a coincidence Galuf brought him accompany Barzt and princesses of the land Lenna Tycoon then your team will play against evil in a battle for survival.


Adapted from the original version, Final Fantasy V does not change anything in the gameplay or system Battle System. Without the quest gather rare items, no mini-game, the game is an RPG experience quite linear, but still full of books hut.De control Barzt guy moving on familiar Chocobo chick, players use virtual joystick system on the screen and just hide / show when interacting fingertip force.

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a 3D version remake – remake based on the original version of Final Fantasy IV had been launched on the mobile platform in Japan in 2008. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years takes place more than a decade of Final Fantasy IV event and the participation of the familiar characters from before and some new factors which notably Ceodore Cecil and Rosa‘s son.


Contents of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was Square Enix introduced as follows: Already 17 years have passed since the war ended and the son of the king and queen Rosa parish Cecil Baron Prince Ceodore grown. Answer the call of royal blood, he joined the Red Wings flying warship. Again, 2nd moon appeared in the sky swarm Baron with horrible monsters are five bared destroy kingdoms. Peace of Blue Planet brief critical back ashore. Ceodore journey officially begins. “


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