These RPGs concern the second half 05 months

Let‘s go over these RPGs most notably during the second half of this 05 month

Heroic Era

Recently, fascinating 3D online game Heroic Era (English name is The Age of Heroes) by UserJoy Technology from Taiwan manufacturers have entered the test phase for the first time.

This game is built on the foundation Ureal Engine 3 brings beautiful graphics combined with Western context interesting mythology.

Besides spectacular graphics platform, the Heroic Era also gives players many different features of the role playing genre. Most notably is the mechanism to fight as a group, each player will control up to three characters simultaneously engaged in battle (similar to Granado Espada previous products).

Anh Hùng Kỷ Nguyên - Game online 3D đẹp mắt mới được giới thiệu

Heroic Era will apply rated non-target mechanism, creation of exciting action and also leads to the very private complex in the squad attacks. Additionally, gamers can create combo skill under extremely impressive team.

Civilization Online

According to new information received, interesting online game combines tactical RPG and Civilization Online will officially be emigrate” from South Korea and the first destination was Taiwan territory close to Vietnam and registration mechanism is much simpler than the home of this game.

Game nhập vai chiến thuật Civilization Online đến gần game thủ Việt

Inheriting the quintessence of the famous Civilization series, the online version of the hit strategy game this take gamers to a brand new gaming genre, the series combines tactical RPG.

Like many other strategy game, Civilization Online players will have to start as a small lords, and upgrade your strongholds to develop forces, as well as fighting for the glory of his kingdom. 3 major power in the national game is still familiarity of ancient times, respectively, Rome, China and Egypt.

Game chiến thuật Civilization Online chuẩn bị thử nghiệm lần cuối

Tactical elements is evident in Civilization Online when you will have to upgrade stronghold, as well as conducting the mining work, harvesting to obtain resources for development for their stronghold.

However, the upgrade is only effective bulwark help increase the strength of character, while the main features of the game still goes towards immersive as players can train and equip level their characters.

Rodinia War

Online roleplaying game combines unique tactical War Rodinia has scheduled to open on October 7/5 next test here. Currently the players want to participate in this round of closed beta can register for an account and refer to information at home games:

Rodinia War - Game nhập vai lai chiến thuật sắp mở cửa

Rodinia Literally European context with dramatic playing style found very impressive, gamers will enjoy an immersive online game full 3D graphics and a 2D strategy game of the same product and of course we will closely linked to each other.

Rodinia War - Game nhập vai lai chiến thuật sắp mở cửa

Like many other strategy games, Rodinia War gives gamers an empire to build and govern. Players can enjoy all the features of fortifications, develop residential streets, grab resources, upgrading and construction of military

Rodinia War - Game nhập vai lai chiến thuật sắp mở cửa

It is interesting that when entered in Rodinia War battle, gamers can control his generals on the battlefield phase come and destroy the enemy, tossing skill as a secondary damage RPGs. The generals also level up, is divided into separate classes and so they become strong, the players need intensive care, and coordination point for rational map.

The Thron

Recently, the Korean developers Service SK Networks has announced the MMORPG The Thron are registered gamers experience the beta version with valuable prizes. According to the developers, the mobile game The Thron use 3D graphics style Western, brings players to experience the terrifying battle scene, and extremely reasonable suspense period.

The most striking feature in this mobile game is an action series of real-time PvP attractive. After reaching level 40, at which point your character will almost full of skill, strength, shall be involved in the game 1vs1 and even large-scale battles with other players in the arena fierce. In addition, another feature may be mentioned in The Thron is you can enjoy customizing their PvP gameplay to create differences in the fighting.

The Thron

In addition to PvP, players can experience the magical fantasy world through authentic series of dungeons in the game. Of course, players can also create your own guild and invite friends to work together closely to fight, conquer the most difficult challenges that the game brings.

Echo of Soul

As we‘ve reported previously, the English version of the hot online game Echo of Soul will open closed beta testing in the next 4/5 days. Currently interesting RPGs are attracting the attention of the majority of gamers Vietnam.

Echo of Soul - Game online gây sốt cho gamer Việt sau đợt nghỉ lễ

Known open next round of the Echo of Soul will limit the number of participants, only those who buy a new pack founders certainly be played, and the account registration trials must rely on luck play key free .

By sharing of many gamers are pretty hot though but Echo of Soul was old and not worth the investment to $ 50 to be play tested, so most feasible option is to register as many financial Clause test for a chance to get free key development: closed beta key will be sent randomly to those who have registered closed beta, to increase the rate, then you get key clone out the registration account, is likely get .

Despite fighting style is quite old target, but Echo of Soul has been supplemented with some new features like combat system link between skill, the damage will be accumulated and multiplied more. Along with the exciting mission system, built relatively deep level and with the tasks require players must rescue a certain NPC, or protect the villagers from being killed by the monsters in a certain amount of time

Echo of Soul - Game online gây sốt cho gamer Việt sau đợt nghỉ lễ

Of course we can not fail to mention the 3D graphics platform of Echo of Soul beautiful, sharp images, rich colors, sleek feeling true for gamers. The female characters are well designed, good looks, sexy is also one of the things that make big attraction of this product to gamers Vietnam.

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