Top games on Android mobile attraction adapted from PC

Here are the best mobile game series was adapted from the blockbuster hit on PC.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Game was originally built and developed by Bioware, the plot revolves around the world of the movie. In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, you play as a Jedi on the spacecraft are under attack and had just woke up. After the fight, you get away, but again lost in the first alien planet.

Top 5 game mobile hấp dẫn mang đậm thương hiệu Star Wars

Players will have to find a way to save Jedi by assembling one group of soldiers before where it was destroyed. You will control one character arbitrary and immersive in Jedi to participate in the struggle with evil Sith bosses. Players can control the game is easy with the touchscreen or HID handles. Besides, the game is designed for high resolution and sharp detail.

Top 5 game mobile hấp dẫn mang đậm thương hiệu Star Wars

Adventure with Jedi is a long story, it’s a great experience for those who grind game on mobile.

Max Payne Mobile

Max Payne is a very attractive game, suffocation and dramatic on the mobile platform. Background This mobile game is a story about a secret policeman on the run since being charged with murder, being chased by the police and the crowd. Max is a man with his back to the wall, fighting a hopeless battle.

Top game mobile hấp dẫn trên Android được chuyển thể từ PC

In the game, a battle takes place between Max Payne intransigence to eliminate his whereabouts, while struggling to uncover the truth about the family of murdered amidst countless interlocking male conspiracy.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns is a turn-based RPG that won the grand prize in the election. With a murky setting context, great 3D graphics and magical arsenal with huge power, Shadowrun Returns is an amazing game experience that you are looking for on Android.

iPad Screenshot 1

Players will get to explore the mysterious and lethal set in the future city of Seattle with a degree of astonishing depth, including the mechanism for hacking, shooting, and many other experiences. Shadowrun Returns is rated as one of the best RPG on Android today.

iPad Screenshot 3

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is undeniable that a famous product lines, heroes themselves in genres spanning from comics, movies to video games. Represent this name on a virtual mecca none other than the series of the same name under the hand of Telltale Games development. With an immersive story, bore a grim, harsh world of a man apocalyptic place do everything to be able to survive, the series The Walking Dead proud as a novel classic tragedy of village game world.

Top game mobile hấp dẫn trên Android được chuyển thể từ PC

GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the story of the character Carl CJ” Johnson, one member of the gang Grove Streets, now San Andreas back after killing his mother case. He quickly involved in the gang war to protect the sovereignty of Grove Streets. You can customize pretty much everything on the people so that the most CJ, from clothing to shape outside.

Top game mobile hấp dẫn trên Android được chuyển thể từ PC

If for him regularly eat fast food, his body becomes a meaty, even if regularly go to the gym, he would own super standards body. The left side characters will be introduced gradually over the cutscenes when you do the task.

Top game mobile hấp dẫn trên Android được chuyển thể từ PC
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