Legendary MU Continent section 2 preparing to debut in Vietnam

Expected MU Continent Legend Part 2 will hit store shelves on October 20/06 in Vietnam to, after many efforts to find donors of the author.

After a long period when the novel adapted from the Legendary game MU Online MU Continent was published and attracted the attention of numerous gamers as well as being recognized in Vietnam record, the final part 2 of the series was about to launch this June.

Specifically, the expected date for Legendary MU Continent is part 2 on shelves next 20/06 days. The author has had contact with a lot of sides to negotiate to find partners to publish the novel.

This is a fantasy novel written about MU continent based on the ancient legend of the continent. Part 1 book in 6 years, xb by Kim Dong. Part 2, in the opinion of many people‘s assessment of quality than part 1 and have been record VN.

Cận cảnh chứng nhận kỷ lục tiểu thuyết MU của game thủ Việt

Legendary comic author MU Continent – To Duc Quynh.

In addition, the 2 is written in the style of Walt Disney (Author is short training by experts from Walt Disney through support programs of Denmark for young writers and artists in Vietnam. They who made the movie Car, Finding Nemo, series lego ..) So the quality is part 2 authors confident will make readers feel comfortable.

Legendary MU Continent section 2 theme traditional European world of adventure inclined to compete very strongly with the kind of language novels from China are prevailing among young Vietnamese. However recently was banned category on so this is a chance for Vietnam novel development.

The detailed information on the release of the novel Legend MU Continent released part 2 we will continue reporting in the near future, inviting readers to pay attention to watch.


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