League of Legends: Review details about revolution equipped Master

Recently, Riot has released betas latest League of Legends called “Revolution of equipment Magus“.

Shamans always been regarded as the leader of the League of Legends team by not only bring a lot of damage, this position also undertake the task of controlling the whole map, help allies everywhere. After Riot making changes for mages fitted on the test server (PBE), a wave of debate exploded everywhere on the topic: Is shaman weak or strongif the this adjustment becomes a reality.


1. Looking back Meta Game

Maybe you already know, Meta Game suddenly change from the jungle gu Riot change, the general damage, require skilled replaced by jungle general more stable, more efficient and specific control special cattle”. From there, using the general gu midline also affected immediately follow thereafter.


Tanker Full Meta is causing quite inhibited.

Suddenly the assassin as Syndra minister, Fizz, Leblanc, Zed, missing on professional arena (Partly because Talismans skullcap removed), gradually replaced by pure magi as Ahri, Leblanc , Orianna, Cassiopeia Even at the present time, shamans road between the Hyper Ap always heavy, can damage sustained over time, especially Azir, Viktor, Kog’Maw, Summary again, the old hitman has moved to follow trends over time damage.

2. So in the old shaman role like?

Map control support team is most standards. The minister no longer Roam road between strong as ever, instead, riders and support forest will undertake the work on. Shamans will embrace farm up some certain items, preen before in fighting blood total and positions accompanying gunner bouncer in fighting total.

Not without reason, the team has good shooters are quite successful play in the last stage. Gunner always Damage Per Second (damage over time) also depends on the Master using skills in an environment so full Tanker like this, who stopped the game, surely kill enemy always located at the gunner only. Therefore, the shaman is not appreciated as before the match lasted to the end of the game.

Talismans skullcap leaving Meta Game also made changes.

3. Changes as last: Sorcerer excited or scared?

First, gamers can check out a few changes here.

If you look carefully, the gamers will find favor Magus saw. All the equipment are not too fallen power than the old version but is adjusted stronger as the match lasted. Despite price increases, effects, internal equipment more great magicians, they promise a bright future for those who love the midline position.

We want to mention the oversized bats. Suffering Too sticks despite a slight reduction in Value (Value according to money) but cheaper, easy to over. Because Master capable office quite poor road (not suck blood, irreversible) should want to integrate more money, players have plenty of time variables. Perhaps, oversized bats is a very hot equipment in the near future, especially the Master wants to eating away” cumulative damage.

Suffering Too rod hole 50 but more easy money than the old version.

Add 2 more equipment would also be very hot in the coming period were: Witch Hats Trượng Rabadon and Longevity. Come on let’s look at some changes.

With Rabadon Witch Hats, wonderful things a lot better. Because usually fitted on the 2nd after a cooldown dishes, while ownership Rabadon, players will own 300 AP. Despite more than 200 money but towards the end of matches, 5% of spell power difference compared to the old version will be more effective in the end.

AP 300-400 range, Rabadon will recover the value.

And Trượng Longevity will favor the more this is obvious. Nerf blood but energy buff, buff pretty much magical power when fully integrated stack.

Truong Truong Sinh more inclined to work for the Master.

Regarding other equipment, they are also stronger adjustment in the final stages of the game. All, all will help Magus has a stronger phase in the upcoming period.

4. Epilogue

As far as we see, Riot are a lot of unexpected changes in the recent period. As expected, the publisher is showing signs‘d dismissed Hack Disconnect coil service now also reduces the distance of Valve DOTA 2 Reborn.


However, we think this is perfectly reasonable change. As we thought, Magus suffer greatly disadvantaged in the current meta game before all other positions are signs of escalation. For example, holding Sugar On Punishment, General jungle buffs equipped, gunner gameplay Assistance secure ownership, the farm more. Hopefully these changes will make use Magus gu worldwide change direction more quickly, rather than as the current turtle.


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