Surprise Top Manga characters have beards Favourite …

Let’s come up with a ranking of the world rather odd about the character Otaku favorite beard in Manga and Anime.

In the world of Manga – Anime vast, with hundreds of thousands of different characters with distinct features. However, there are some common features in the characters that make unmistakable identity, can be considered a “personal brand” in every title Manga – Anime. Sometimes the special characteristics did not come from the skills, or the strength of the story “hegemony”, which comes from things less noticeable, such as … such antennae. Come to the Top 5 Manga characters – Favorite Anime.

1. Doreamon

Ranked 1 is sure to be Doraemon, magic cat and lovely, has been associated with childhood readers billion fans worldwide through many generations. Till today, Doraemon remains an indispensable symbol of the rising sun in the land, is the best friend, the most significant for children. Doraemon stories that bring not only the adventure, laughter that is the lesson behind educational humanities high. Doraemon character deserves Manga – Anime has … beard Favourite all time.


Doraemon is a robotic cat Favourite World

2. Naruto

Behind cat clever boy is talented Ninja Naruto, Hokage of Konoha with the talented and brave heart beat back the dark forces want to invade and harm his loved ones. Although many people believe that “the beard” Naruto’s face is actually just a birthmark to show in her nine-tailed fox spirit, however if the beard of 9 tailed fox … This is also true. Of course, Naruto the Nine-Tails is not just a Lake to the power of the gods, he was a legendary Ninja with investment worth of learning for young people today. The story of Naruto sexism characteristic of Japanese culture, but the humanities lessons about friendship, love and justice was out of this country, to inspire millions of fans in the audience around the world.


Naruto’s ninja, but also the legendary nine-tailed fox
3. White Beard Pirates (One Piece)
Edward Newgate, more known as the “White Beard” and “a man approached the nearest One Piece treasure” or “the most powerful man in the world” and also one of the four imperial New World dominates second half of Grandline. In the battle at the naval headquarters Marinford to try to free the Ace, he led to a lot of fatal wounds from countless enemies and ended his life by the hands Blackbeard and his accomplices. Whether he is dead but has always been an indispensable figure in every game One Piece current topics, such as Pirate Night, Pirate Soha … A place where readers will meet again this brave character , fighting side by side with him to conquer the treasure “one piece”.


Whitebeard will rise again in the Pirate Night launches this March end

4. Dot Pixis Command (Attack On Titan)

Certainly for fans of Attack On Titan, the character Dot Pixis a strong impression can not forget. Not only is the head of the military commander of the guard Rose, he was the inspiration for the soldiers before the rescue of Mary began. He also realized the power of the Titan Eren and successfully exploit it to help lift the veil of secrecy on Titan, give those in power a puppet of Sina to light. Besides, this is also the most controversial characters in the works of Hajime Isayama when erected from a general image of Japanese imperial era.


Pixiv is a controversial character in Attack On Titan
5. old first born (Dragon Ball)
Surely readers of Dragon Ball (7 Jewel dragon), the old name The first born (Master Roshi) who can not forget the strong impression. He was the first teacher of Songoku Manga Characters hegemony” leading now, even being compared to the power of the DC Comic Super Man. The old regulation was first born creator excellent way “Kamehameha” that the Vietnamese goods marked “Kamejoko”, is also the most dangerous moves of Songoku. That’s why in every part Manga Anime Dragon Ball, never missing him as a symbol of the work alongside the main character.


The old rules are first born always somewhat humorous icon in Dragon Ball


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