Points through immersive online games most notably the first occasion in 2016

The immersive online games are attracting overseas Vietnamese gamers? Let us go through 5 most notable names

Atlas Reactor

Turn-based online games hit MOBA style combines Atlas Reactor will open more widely tested in closed beta period from the date of 14/4, gamers will be able to participate freely in the game at no charge.


In Atlas Reactor, gamers will choose one of two modes of play that Decision and Resolution mode mode. Decision mode brings more action, faster as the player simply decides his actions. Resolution mode more complicated still when gamers had to watch carefully their choices will impact anything.

During each turn, players will decide the character doing some tasks, such as manually, sliding away to dodge, attack or simply move forward. It is interesting that gamers will control your character turn to coordinate with the other team, the same blow, pressed direction … to destroy the opponent, brought about victory for both teams.


It was found that Atlas Reactor brought to gamers a very new game in the series is very popular MOBA today. Instead of action, the game features the ultimate in coordination more difficult, with many more tactical and certainly exciting for players.

Tree of Savior

As we all know, the current hot online game Tree of Savior has launched an international server for the money to buy founders pack and will soon open free to the end of April. In the early days, the game is only single server clusters in Europe, the game recently opened a new server dedicated to Southeast Asia. This is great news for gamers who want to play Tree of Vietnam is clear Savior by appearing regional server, the connection will be a lot easier, significantly reduced lag hiccups when participating in the game.


Those who want to play free Tree of Savior can wait until the server 28/4 officially opened.


Tree of Savior is built in the style open world (Open World). Therefore, the maps in the game are designed quite large and detailed. In particular, in the process of moving on the map, players can discover and defeat the hidden Boss to gain achievements for themselves as well as make money and items.

Man Wild Spirit Signed Collectibles

According to new information received, action blockbuster online games from China is Man Wild Spirit Collection Name (English name is the God Slayer) will open in April this test, after a long wait time.


Man Wild Spirit Collection Name (English name: God Slayer) is a 3D online game genre fantasy themed MMORPG developed and operated by the company ChangYou. Use the advanced engine CryEngine 3, the game has a gorgeous graphics platform plus mechanism fought with bold action, combining an ancient mythical story promises to be a blockbuster generation new in the Chinese market.

First Advantage can be clearly seen on Man Wild Spirit Signed Collectibles is the foundation of high quality by CryEngine 3. The scene in the game is to build a large and realism, visual effects shader counter projectors, lighting or the details of the 3D models are excellent and make a good impression to the experiencer.


Control mechanism has many similarities with the bold actions today, players can use both the left mouse button – right to strike, move with WASD keys, F to conduct interactive, and move the mouse to rotate the camera direction. With combat system non-target, players can launch spectacular combos, use levitation to move fast, dodge and help the enemy attacks by pressing Shift. The same should be added that levitation system in an actual game rather than flying the same virtual many other products.

League of Angels II

After a period of testing, the new exciting online game gentle League of Angels II officially open beta open to welcome players into the game.


League of Angels II was developed which followed from the version of League of Angels earned quite a lot of success on the web game market. In Part 2, webgame that will give the gaming community a beautiful 3D graphics than the old section, with manipulation and movement devastatingly good character.

Gamers will have the option of developing the character class is very rich in the process of conquering the League of Angels II. Along with that is the multiplayer mode dungeons, hunt for terror boss, of course indispensable PvP players can work very comfortably and freely.

Soul Worker

After a successful trial period with the majority of players, the latest hot online game Soul Worker assigned to widely open free of charge on 6/4 to the Japanese market.


Soul Worker’s immersive online gaming action blockbuster debut in Korea in mid-2014 and the new dock in Japan, the game wowed by spectacular graphics platform style anime and countless physical effects the authenticity is built from Havok Vision Engine platfrom


Of course we can not overlook non-target to the fighting style of the same type of attack focuses heavily on creating combo that made the gameplay was downright fascinating hands and Soul Worker. Interestingly, players can attack several targets simultaneously instead of just one, the player also has defense mechanisms by holding the right, in addition to the system of underground and aerial combos are enough, very diversity. starfa2games.com

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