Search Hotels officially launched Tale, value given instant GIFTcode hands!

True 10:00 am today, July 05/27, Search Hotels Tale – characterized swordplay game Kim Dung are expected summer 2016 most officially launched. On this occasion, the game immediately dedicated to the gaming community ingame VIPcode contain very valuable prizes!

As the information we provide gaming community recently, Search hotel’s Tale RPG 3D swordplay characterized Kim Dung was brought to Vietnam SohaGame NPH. At exactly 10:00 am today, July 05/27, the game will officially launch the first server, welcoming the fans loved swordplay Kim Dung look to explore the PK system, PvP combat realism , which factors helped overcome Search hotel opponents Stories RPG heavyweight swordplay Chinese home city.

Kiếm Khách Truyện chính thức ra mắt, VIPcode giá trị trao liền tay!
As known, the quality of play of Stories Earn deals confirmed through PK system – unique PvP, contains many elements never appear in the A-RPG game ever launched in Vietnam before. When the player performs the toss skill, the enemy attacks in Search Hotels Tale, besides skill effects eye-catching expression, concussion effect full screen, camera angles of the game will automatically zoom – close to the character each time the skill is cast, this is the story elements help Search Hotels evident nature of the game action.
 Kiếm Khách Truyện nổi bật với lối chơi PK dồn dập, toàn bộ chiêu thức võ công trong game đều được chuyển thể từ phim kiếm hiệp.

Search Hotels Featured Stories PK intense gameplay, the whole martial arts moves in the game adapted from the movie swordplay.

On the other hand, the martial arts moves of Stories Earn hotels are built from the blow that fact, are the well-known masters and videotaped performances and made into a 3D character. To show the depth of gameplay, each character in the game possess those abilities like animals imported, broken or damaged joints league scams. Each time new abilities should be able to perform complete, the timely implementation soup combo is essential.

 Sự kiện Chơi Kiếm Khách - xách ngay Iphone đang diễn ra trên trang chủ của Kiếm Khách Truyện.

Events “Play For Guests – right handbag Iphone” is taking place on the home page of the Search Stories Hotel.


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