Game action can enhance cognitive abilities of the players

Game action can actually enhance cognitive abilities of the players, thus helping to achieve the learning process more effective.

Game action can actually enhance cognitive abilities of the players, thus helping to achieve the learning process more effective. This is the conclusion of a study published recently, not only for the players you have more reason to answer when a parent or loved not for gaming, but more importantly, also help shape educational experts the teaching methods in the classroom based on the game.


In the study, the researchers collected data from 20 previous studies conducted those aged 18 or over, focus tracking aspects of a person such as processor speed, the ability to focus medium, capable of handling visual / spatial, memory and ability to multi-task processing. Next, they analyzed this data and calculate the impact of electronic games to aspects of cognition. The researchers noted that although the total sample size is not large but 20 studies the impact of the game is very clear, especially those as close to age 18.


In fact in recent years, scientists have begun to find ways to use video games to assist humans in many different circumstances, such as helping patients recover from stroke, training doctors surgeon or train troops before going into battle. On the other hand, in education it was also looking to the game as a means of support. Typically Minecraft supposedly enhances creative thinking of children. At the same time a number of action games also help children enhance the ability to solve problems.


Verdict before this study, researchers at MIT before Scot Osterweil said there were some studies show that the effects of such gaming skills to navigate in space, hand coordination – eye, .. . but this is the first time he saw the research conclusions on the game action enhances cognitive abilities of the players. However, he said not surprised with this result, “we’ve got a lot of experience in the use of games to stimulate children’s imagination and then, we will carry out the tasks related to better awareness. Therefore regardless games make children more intelligent or not but obviously it helps us work harder. “


Although the researchers did not deny the downside of the game, can typically reduce the likelihood that they are socializing. And although the game is to create more attractive benefits for the learning process, but it is only the surface of the problem goes deeper still, the game still can not help children better understand the world outside and those around them.


However, if applied properly, the game can help students understand the world partly true without leaving the classroom. To do that, Osterweil said that the need to ensure the appropriate even from game design, game content to guide and control the process of the students play games in the classroom and at home to avoid cases of abuse affect the learning process.


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