10 games or less than 250 thousand cost VND for gamers

A sale of the Steam summer as usual brought a lot of choice for gamers in many different price range.

The off season game of the Steam Summer occasion fell last month at the right time is a real unfortunate situation for gamers at all. But do not worry because even if is limited financially, you can choose for themselves the quality of titles priced at just less than 250 trillion dong (about 10 dollars). Here are 10 good example.

The Talos Principle


The Talos Principle is a puzzle game ever appreciated when launched in 2014. The gameplay is reminiscent of Portal game series when the player plays a robot capable of human-like thinking is released in maze filled with traps. The game is being sold for $ 10 on Steam.



Transistor action genre isometric top-down perspective with the graphics, the sound design is excellent to create an exciting experience from start to finish. Gamers on the female character named Red fight against racial robotics Process to safeguard peace for the city Cloudbank. The game is on sale for $ 5.

Crypt of the Necrodancer


Crypt of the Necrodancer combination of tight guillotine action gameplay with music game genre when both you and the enemy will only be able to attack or move to the beat of the music. The game can be played even by the dance mats.

Grim Fandago Remastered


Grim Fandago has long become legendary names in the genre of adventure and maybe do not need to introduce more. Remake of the game on a high resolution, and compatibility with modern operating systems are sold for less than USD 4 in promotions on Steam this summer.

Door Kickers


Door Kickers you play as a commander SWAT task force with the task of handling the criminals entrenched in the home through choosing the right strategic approach. Game viewing angle from above and colorful graphics make players think of the classic version of GTA. The game is being sold for $ 3 USD.

Invisible Inc.


In Invisible Inc., you manage a team of spies with the mission to break into the lair of an evil corporation to destroy them from within. Starting the game you will be on hand 10 spies with customizable skill sets liking to overcome the pitfalls of the game screen. The game map is built randomly by computer algorithm makes Invisible Inc. there is a very high replay value. Game promotional price is $ 6.8.

Wolfenstein: The New Order


This is the class AAA titles shortlisted only worth playing shorts under $ 10. Wolfenstein: The New Order debut in 2014 with the graphics, sound and gameplay are designed pretty well, bring exciting fantasy vision of the war against Nazi Germany. If there are no conditions to play blockbuster FPS Doom debuted as too expensive, Wolfenstein: The New Order would be a bad choice, especially if you prefer the epic weapon.

Sunless Sea


Deep ocean where sunlight can not illuminate long already is the inspiration for the mysterious anecdotes about the treasure, the giant sea monster or alien race. In Sunless Sea you will have the opportunity to face many scary things when drivers talk on a small boat to explore the immense sea. The game is priced at $ 9.5.

Dungeon of the Endless


Products come from indie developer Amplitude Studios is a combination of a little classic immersive way and goalkeeper genres to create an intense gameplay platform and highly challenging. You always need to calculate in advance the plan to deal with the enemy in the next attack, with no game over screen will appear quite often. $ 4 game.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter may not be suitable for gamers favorite type of high-speed action or horror startling, because most of the time you have spent playing of walking around the deserted town, observers to speculate what was happening to all residents. Offset plus point of the game is the graphics property is carefully tended making experience scenic walks are also quite happy eyes.


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