Extreme top quality online games opened shortly in early December 08

The extremely attractive online gaming has officially opened the first day of the last 08 months

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

After a period of testing, the recent blockbuster card game online The Elder Scrolls: Legends has officially opened it’s free open beta for gamers around the world, including Vietnam join the game.


As you know, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is characterized by dividing lane in each game. You will start with 1 Magica (Mana), and use it to summon the monster card with every turn of Magica increased 1 point. These monsters are also many familiar tactics Guard (Taunt opponents), Ward (shield) and Charge (attack) …

At the annual event PAX East, The Elder Scrolls: Legends also had a debut very impressive with many exciting features. If the Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone only one “lane”, the The Elder Scrolls: Legends again differ than those two games impressive card was launched earlier.


More specifically, the “battleground” will be divided into two separate lines at the same time and you will have to win in both lanes. Each line will only be able to attack each other or opposing gamers control, not be kicked into the remaining sugar.

Crush Online

Such online games are role-playing hybrid very similar MOBA League of Legends is Crush Online has entered the final stage of closed beta, open formal preparation.


A noticeable point of Crush Online is very unique gameplay with many features of the role playing genre, but fought back to when exactly the League of Legends, even on the map layouts, soldiers, cylindrical … MOBA games are a lot like winter best players in the world.

Online Crush put gamers to a world called Gaia, where the 3 countries occupy and create constant conflict, neither side is in favor of any party by the vast land rich in natural resources who also want to hold hold.


Thus, players can choose one of three countries to start their war. The characters are divided by class, but players can fully edit as you like yourself, from weapons to skills, building style … Then, of course, working on large-scale war intransigence.

Escape From Tarkov

According to the latest announcement from Battlestate Games Studio has officially opened the first test for survival shooter online game Escape From Tarkov super terrible. Known only those who have put the money to buy this product before new players can participate in this alpha test phase.


Introduced as a survival shooter online game very nicely, Escape From Tarkov platform also very impressive graphics, built an incredibly realistic motion capture based technology (simulated action ) in real life.

Escape From Tarkov unique style combines genres first person shooter perspective transformation with the 3rd and especially mixed more immersive special features, including furnished and context a survival horror game open world. The game promises to bring a different experience than new for gamers. But players should also be psychologically prepared to get used to a whole new gameplay style, very tough.


The game takes place in a city in Russia has destroyed unexplained, the player plays a soldier stranded here and fighting between the grip of a lot of different forces from foreign troops to spy tangled warren team. Tasks throughout the game is put yourself to escape the city, just as the name Escape From Tarkov.

Dungeon Fighter Online

Recently, online action game Dungeon Fighter Online trade has hand has officially been released on Steam distribution system. This is a good opportunity for Vietnam to join gamers easily play1.5

Dungeon Fighter Online gives players the feeling returned to play in the arcade titles in the past. Although the graphics are pretty old ranks, but players can still easily get familiar with Dungeon Fighter Online and you will not be too difficult to differentiate between the characters, NPCs, monsters and obstacles on the dirty.

As a tight guillotine games played under the horizontal screen, the map of Dungeon Fighter Online is designed with full of monsters. To pass the map supplement (dungeon), players must destroy all monsters on the map to unlock the exit doors complete, go to the next sub-map.1.6

During the migration process, there is a dead-end places, and players will be forced to return to the old road. Still, if your goal is to go to farm money or experience, the discovery of all the corners of the map and is not too confusing.


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