Series online games appealing to players like driving increased shelling

Gather some super cool online game for gamers like modern warfare with a powerful tank.

Battleline: Steel Warfare

Recently, Namco Bandai America, the North American subsidiary of one of the developers of the hit game cum released from Japan today announced the launch online games in their 2014 entitled Battleline: Steel Warfare officially set foot on the Steam platform, allowing gamers to enjoy a free and not locked IP as some other online games.


At the same time, this game will own at the same time both tactical gameplay tough time but full of satisfaction, just get the game screen tank top down perspective is extremely impressive.

As an online game, so in Battleline: Steel Warfare, players will be able to compare your skills with many other players, or party with your friends to form a team tank “champion”, go over the side of battle Tran.
Series online games appealing to players like driving increased shelling


In the Korean market, has launched titles, named Blitz 2: Battle Line. Currently Namco Bandai Games has not revealed the official launch date of Battleline: Steel Warfare. Only one thing can be sure, with the launch of the English version via Steam, Battleline: Steel Warfare Vietnam will allow gamers to participate freely without facing barriers or language IP .

Violence Fugue Page Armor

Violence pipes adjacent page is a 3D online game genre MMOTPS with science fiction themes developed by and published by the company Art of War. Games build a fantasy world with the kind of military armed extremely modern, bring players more choice from tanks, artillery vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and graphics platform modern 3D, ensuring players will get to experience extremely voyeuristic fighting.


How to design the form of armored vehicles in the game proved to be extremely interesting, not only interesting aspect that each car also owns the form of various combat skills. The number of vehicles in the game will be divided into four main types including defense, maneuver, observation and damage, each system will have indicators of movement speed, distance shot, blood, armor or firepower not same.


To create more unique than the other tank shooting game, Violence Fugue Giap page design skills system and weapons are plentiful. In it, each car will have 3 skills are not the same default, the form incorporates enough weapons to equip. Skills in the game system has the form, can be used for defense, bullets, could be used to attack or cause effectively controlled enemies. Through it, the player will get the feeling like you are experiencing the MOBA with a context of modern warfare such vehicles.


Along with gameplay mechanics breakthrough and novelty for the MMOTPS be ordinary board game that has a genuine quality 3D images, simulating realistic physical interactions, environmental flawless show and every detail of the scene move. Players can feel the wind blowing, the wind stirs the trees, time clock, weather, wind or sandstorms vast desert. Thanks to the physical effects, the fight will take place naturally takes over

Iron Storm

Iron Storm is a 3D online game genre MMOTPS themed modern warfare developed by KongZhong do Mokylin and by exclusive distributors. The product is studied closely in partnership with the US firm’s Mote Games using the Unreal Engine 3 technology advanced, promising to bring the authentic battlefield open, excellent image quality to the experience.


The first impression left to the game experience is the quality of modern graphic design with authentic style. During this first test, visual effects, sound and interactive fighting games are shown relatively good, easy to satisfy players; however there is a defect easily see the map design and environmental landscape has not been detailed and are relatively simple, need extra complexity added to affect more than military tactics.


One point is appreciated and proved most appealing in Iron Storm is a systematic relationship between the ground war – the air. In particular, the media types are divided into major categories including tanks and combat helicopters, helicopter although the number is small, but it’s enough so that players feel the unique interaction between the battling or face-to-air with another helicopter. Currently, the game has launched two major forms, a form of division of the two camps is then fired to judge the points won and lost, a different type is required to destroy all enemies.

tanki X

According to latest information, fun tank shooting game online tanki X will open soon in open beta this summer to welcome everyone to play. NSX AlternativaPlatform has announced that the game will be open free to the end of 2016 for PC systems running Windows, Mac and Linux.


Unlike the blockbuster online game beautiful graphics usually try to reproduce the driving increased truest way, turning it into a game simulator, the modern battlefield tanki X carries a simple style and body much better.


Gamers do not need to focus too much on driving skills that increase simply find pleasure in running staggered and shoot for true standards only. Simplicity is in tanki X gamers just jump into the virtual world and elaborately cast ultra fast driving his danger only.


By winning gunfights, the players will get experience to level up, unlock new weapons more powerful. However you do not need to worry that those with bigger guns will win, tanki X also requires a lot of possibilities of each person, teamwork and tactics applied anymore.


Gamers can build your tank based on several basic components like canon guns, machine guns, engines … And finally hitting their uncompromising battle with multiple modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch , and Capture the flag (Capture the flag).

Final Fire

Final Fire is a 3D online game genre MMOTPS themed modern warfare are operated by companies ZQgame. Games exploit modern military context, owned platform of high quality graphics, built detailed battlefields, and tank system is rich and diverse in combat capability, promise appointments bring the PVP content extremely appealing gameplay for players.


For these products used primarily TPS forms of combat vehicles, aiming mechanism is very important, the main impact to experience the whole process. Through many trials, Final Fire was on a complete mechanism, offering prime tutorial details and allows players to aim and shoot, according to FPS handy angle.


Along with research and development systems and techniques to new media, the game also indispensable growth system, allowing players to purchase some ammunition were recovered and basic items. Players can through the mission system, a fight and many other activities to accumulate money and materials needed to serve the sewing purchase and upgrade facilities.

However there is a well-birth issue is fairness between community types play when purchasing items with real money is in units loaded to help anyone with the money quickly becomes stronger.



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