The online game requires skill

The online game extremely impressed with the work that requires players to have the skills to win victory


In the last 30/8 days, the first shooter game online free no livelock Perfect World is officially released on the PC, Xbox One and PS4. Games for $ 19.99 (equivalent to over 400 thousand), those who buy the game was between 30.8 – 10 08/09 will be offered other key 2 game Star Trek Online is Neverwinter same.


Livelock will take players to the 22th century, where robots have become an emerging forces threatening the survival of humanity. Players will engage in game under the banner of Capital Intellect, which specializes in “load” of human memory in the machine, turn them into robots with human nature, destroy the robot Clusters, thereby protected defense for the survival of mankind. abcya4

In terms of gameplay, there livelock top-down perspective, create a feeling similar to a Diablo-style RPG, but it is the shooter with a high-paced action. Since then, feels very strange new players by the uniqueness of the style controls his character.


Gamers will have to fight with the hordes of monsters coming from everywhere, and good coordination with teammates will make the experience easier livelock as well as more exciting than trying to do a themselves.

Marvel End Time Arena

Recently Marvel Studios with renowned manufacturers Korean Smile Gate was produced in cooperation with the ultimate online game called Marvel MOBA End Time Arena, obviously superhero themed already. As expected, the game will open the first test in the land of Kim Chi in the next 8/9 days


With the strong development of the blockbuster superhero themes in recent years, it is clear that Marvel titles Arena End Time could not be ignored for gamers Vietnam and the world. Unfortunately, we still do not know NSX has extensive plans to release the game to the world or not …


Return to Marvel features End Time Arena, gamers will engage in heated battles with the face of the super heroes and bad guys famous in Marvel comics. Idol that many people like Iron Man, Captain American, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange will appear, besides the super-powerful bad guys as Venom, Green Goblin, ULTRON … also be included here.

One Tower

Recently a MOBA game online super unique style called One Tower was introduced. Scheduled for March 09 next, One Tower will officially launch a completely free on Steam for everyone to be able to enjoy.


Just as the name of the game, in the One Tower, will have only one lane, two generals by the player controls and 1 male creeps. The developer said the game “MOBA mini” this will only 1 vs 1 matches between players with each other, and they will have to match wits and strength to win the victory. To put it in simple form, this game is not much different than the game of DOTA 2 solo mid or LMHT whole, differs in that stuff just seemed as mini-games in the MOBA gameplay blockbuster is directed primarily to the One Tower only.

Not only upgrades for the characters, but players will also be able to upgrade to the latest NPC soldiers to get the advantage in every game anymore.


As you already know, online gaming blockbuster shooter MOBA genre Paragon has officially opened completely free open beta on June 16/8 for both the PC and PS 4.


Previously, Paragon has conducted many trials, but the toll from the arrested players buy founders pack, thus opening the free game is a lot of interest and support. Paragon blockbuster game set a date open for gamers to play free Basically, Paragon still own shooter gameplay with fast-paced, powerful, like a lot of blockbuster action game from Epic Games.

Unlike Destiny, one other shooter on the PS4, the Paragon will be an online game and play MOBA propensity to focus on the third angle. Gamers will experience many different character classes and enjoy the game in the process, we will be using many “wild card” with diverse skills corresponding to each character, much like the play of Titanfall , one of the best shooters in about 3 years.


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