Versus Modern Combat – Television’s hit FPS continued overtures Mobile

Versus Modern Combat also known as Modern Combat 6, a promising FPS super terrible graphics and frantic gamelay officially voiced Gameloft mobile.

Recently, Gameloft has suddenly “leaked” information document has not been published, but their supply was allocated to the partners and their investors in London from 22/03. Thereby, we see that Gameloft preparation for new product launches super Versus Modern Combat is also known by the name quite familiar as Modern Combat 6. This document also includes the stunning images that TV’s of Modern Combat 5 was unveiled.


We hope Versus Modern Combat will be released in the 4th quarter of 2016, but is likely to change in Q1 2017 due to unforeseen delays may occur. Although the game is called Modern Combat Versus but also not exclude the possibility that this game will be renamed as soon as the imminent launch date.

Gameplay trailer

Based on the latest news from Gameloft, Modern Combat Modern Combat 6 Versus or still is a shooter and will be released as a Free-to-play game. In a statement on recent Tweet, Gameloft said it has abandoned the Premium model. Although players can download the game for free, but like many other F2P games, the commercials will appear as a matter of course by chance and, consequentially, you must spend some money to get rid of it.


In the next installment of this cult series FPS, instead of two parallel single array and Multipplayer Versus Modern Combat will then focus entirely on football Online. Accordingly, the player will have to use the full capability as well as their ingenuity to win over other players. The game will have a huge map with complex sites and natural landscapes as sea side or in a construction site.

As for the photos, fans can completely trust on Versus Modern Combat will own a piece of clothing of one second graphics on mobile today, and maybe even beyond than seniors Modern Combat 5 more. The control system in the game will be quite similar to his predecessor ahead but also somewhat improved relative to.


Besides, we also believe that, Gameloft is working at full capacity in the design of their products to compete to become a true eSports game, this may be true for the version of Modern Combat upcoming Versus.

Expected Versus Modern Combat will be released soon in late 2016. For the latest information will be our game to update you in the following article. Note welcome to read offline!


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