LMHT: Full team selection SKT T1 OFFICIAL honored for his costume, too surprised with skins of Faker

Faker and Bengi some skill which still owns more than Yorick. Riot Games generals were “snubbed” in League of Legends.

Yesterday, the game League of Legends was the most important in 2016 officially ended. Confrontation between SKT T1 and Samsung happening very dramatic and breathtaking to the last moment. This is definitely the best finals in the history of ever. abcya4.com

After all, the winner is still people with fewer mistakes and more calm in the decisive moments. And that is SKT T1, Faker and his teammates 2nd consecutive time steps to the top of the world. Also on Tuesday, both teams shared the SKT T1 option honored Minister as his costume.

Bae “Bang” Jun-sik: I have not thought about it much, but if forced to choose, I think Ezreal. Because I liked the general, and not necessarily choose the extremely successful generals in this CKTG period.


Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan: I like Karma. The quality of previous Alistar skin very well, so I hope this time too Karma.


Kang “Blank” Sun-gu: Still thinking about it, but it would be Zac where bad choice.


Faker: In the past I used to want to have skin Ahri (2013) and I think I was still a bit disappointed not to have the opportunity to use her.


Lee “Duke” Ho-Seong: I think that will be compatible with your Gnar.


Bae “Bengi” Seong-Woong: I played four generals, but 2 of them had skin and should definitely only remaining choice is Nidalee or Olaf alone.


Thus we will have a group of skins SKT 2016 is: Gnar, Olaf / Nidalee, Zac, Ahri, Ezreal and Karma. One last interesting thing, of skins which Bengi Faker and still owns more than Yorick. Riot Games generals were “snubbed” in League of Legends.  starfall2games.com


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