Qingming Search for moderate commuting player has freely Gypsy hunters transactions

During the Qingming Sword game just hard plowing, hardworking … then becoming rich from scratch is quite possible. But playing important skills and knowledge in your game only to some degree!

In order to recreate the world right swordplay movies often seen on Qingming Sword game for players to freely practice Gypsy pipe a very liberal way. In the game you can delight in doing what they want, to the places you need and pleasure pilots who work with the players martial martial forest or defeats the attackers called another time if enough real power. starfall2games

So in terms of “rice rice shirt money” players will not need to worry so much, because like in the movies, the swordsman can always sit “eat drink” conversation delight that martial arts no need to think about “no money” to pay for a whore master.1

Also participated in the operation, the train is also a way for monster players plow silver

However, it is only the “free” in eating problems, stay healthy for characters between where Wanderer disturbance only. Thanh Minh Kiem players also want to improve strength or martial arts advocacy to people of the golden suit, holding bright spirit Engineering Affairs told Choe … v … v..thi need much investment in terms of time , intentions plow hunters level and free trade with reasonably khacmot players.

Fixtures and materials during Qingming Sword game is worth

Perhaps when participating in any online games yet RPGs, then subconsciously everyone always exist two forces: Great Family and Population plow. Because with this format pattern gameplay notorious “bear play – bear more” investment in online games are not lacking. It was with genuine giants, have economic abundance and have enough passion to invest in your game account without hesitation.

And in the fiercely competitive environment together each metric strength, armor pieces, each piece of graft material sacraments, … v … only wishes his character to become hegemony, apart from recharge card, go hunting monsters as zoom farm is the first choice for people who do not want to give too much play money into the game but did not want to be inferior to a friend, which is indeed the peasants!

2Comrades same map boss hunting plowing is not to be missed pleasures of every gamer Vietnam

However in some games on the platform genre webgamelai more item drop rate, too high even inadvertently reduce the value of high-end items for the segment of the population cay.Trong items Last, golden reappeared on shop cash abound, ready to welcome any public giants had bought.

Thanh Minh Kiem understand this affects how the experience of gamers, therefore in every train yard monster item drop rates are random genuine and extremely low, requiring the player to really quit give new strength to be able to own. Also in the cash shop system in-game store also sold the basic materials or items that support the inevitable. Doing this helps the entire system of in-game items become rare and highly valuable to both peasants and land class household.3Perhaps the only new players really understand the feelings this time.

Give you the freedom to hunters, enjoyed sales transactions

If you‘re a gamer Vietnam generation 8x, 9x early, had a time machine plugged Net shop, forget to eat forget sleeping plow MU Online, Vo Lam, audition, … make sure you have not strangers to fetching feature level plows, free trade between players with each other has become an indispensable feature for game genre for this half. Indeed in the game, the monster in the map train not only bring experience to help level up characters, but it also creates the opportunity to own a lot Jewelry (currency in the game), valuable items for each player.4Market trading interface Qingming Sword

Especially each equipped with all items can be exchanged or transactions to bring the funding sources played no small during commuting Gypsy. So gaming history Vietnam has appeared no less virtual goods transactions are highly valued, “terrorist”, then as the story of the people after a while hardworking peasants, picking up garbage fees map get virtual currency shop, or use a virtual gold to buy the food that golden pole equipped and resell it to the other players with the real value.5Regularly up-date market and price soi map is the work of the true wholesale.

Psychological insight that Qingming Sword game opened up a whirlwind plot related features on free trade between hunters and other players with the most comfortable way. Accordingly game offers many features such as direct personal transactions, stalls sold through the auction system on the market or trade up. Especially in the game in addition to the picnic area of the map also provides a lot of the area filled with caves where challenges and bosses keepers. In return, if you single-handedly overcome all, many valuable items, or materials regime, was president … not lock your arms will belong. On the other hand Qingming Sword game also offers many activities, battlefield, which will target teams for players up to war and earned the team a lot of gold, silver and rare equipment. abcya4.com

In-game currency system and recharge very balanced

Most players as well as participate in any online game that … are poor! And when going through a period of experience, your poverty will depend on whether you have a reasonable plowing game or not. Now we takhoan comes to recharge, sometimes just knowing how to play, how to plow the map, you will become tinny in the game there in a snap!

And most important of all is the trade in Thanh Minh Kiem game exists only 2 types are Silver (ingame money) and Gold (deposit card). At first hearing, but substantially less economic unit 2 this very valuable balance and equal use. It is this contributing to the peasants could rival other great players in terms of spending on the game.6Market system is one of the main monetary transaction in Thanh Minh Kiem game.

Because of the Qing Ming Make any features that will also need to spend a certain amount of silver, from dexterity, learning martial arts, smashing furniture, institutional furniture, meridians training or pet evolution, god of war … etc. .Cho that, once engaged in the Thanh Minh Kiem then use Silver or Gold is totally depending on the decision of the player, you want to go faster or slower like giving effort or wasted, that’s entirely up to you own!


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