Both Thijs and Lifecoach Make it to the EU Regional Championships in Prague!

Thijs won the Nihilum mirror and secured his spot in the EU Regional Championships in Prague, only one step away from BlizzCon now. Lifecoach didn’t take too much longer to join him, as he immediately won his next match in the lower bracket and qualified as well. Interestingly, Thijs was first to qualify and was the lowest ranked of the three Nihilum players that made it to the qualifiers after the regular season, meaning he had to play and win the most matches of the three, so that seems to be the Nihilum secret – at least for now.

So two out of 8 players in the Prague CHampionships will be Nihilumites, and hopefully so will two out of the 4 EU players at BlizzCon and Worlds!

A bad day for RDU as his BlizzCon hopes ended. After a great comeback from 0-2 and the first game win in the lower bracket, a slightly unfortunate shredder pop cost him the second match and a chance at continuing in the qualifier.

Tomorrow brings us the dreaded Nihilum vs. Nihilum matchup that guarantees the team a spot in the EU Regionals, but will also see either Lifecoach or Thijs knocked down to the lower bracket, but hopefully they’ll manage to pull it off from down there as well! The match starts at 16:00 CET.

Not a perfect day today as RDU lost all three matches with the deck that brought Nihilum victory in the ATLC, secret Paladin, while Thijs continued his winning streak in the qualifier and moved through to the quarte finals, where he will unfortunately be playing Lifecoach who also made it through 3-2. Thijs had a tricky time against Xixo, who just joined NaVi’s new Hearthstone division, winning it 3-2 and needs only one more win to move through to the European Championships in Prague. There was a lot of pressure on everyone as there were plenty of misplays on all sides, but no one is out of the tournament just yet.

So tune in tomorrow at 15:00 for the lower bracket matches for RDU, starting with Crane333 and then the big Nihilum mirror on Sunday at 16:00 CET as we’ll have at least one member moving on to the European Championships in Prague!

The road to Blizzcon continues tomorrow, as the winners’ bracket round of 16 is taking place and our guys are 2 wins away from moving forward to the European Championship, where the top 4 finishers in the winners’ and losers’ brackets will be playing for a spot at the BlizzCon World Championships. After the big ATLC win and Thijs’ placement in the LAN finals of StarSeries 1, the team are on a roll, so let’s hope it continues and we get to see all three Nihilum players in the European Championship and then, eventually, at BlizzCon as well!

All three matches will be played at the same time, starting at 16:00 CET on Friday.

New super awesome online game opens to the gaming community

Together with us roll out great online games have been and will be widely introduced to gamers worldwide



It can be seen that the graphics of LawBreakers is really beautiful with Unreal Engine 4 platform, ensuring to bring gamers a virtual world of live and beautiful with a series of beautiful characters or skills, guns Makes the player’s eyes.

Top game online cực khủng mới mở cửa ra mắt cộng đồng game thủ

However, the best part of LawBreakers is the action-packed, fast-paced shooter gameplay. Gamers who play Overwatch will be quite familiar with this type of game, but this game is faster and more resistant.

Specifically, gamers will also be able to select different types of weapons with different weapons and skills, and of course play different roles in battle. It’s easy to see who’s the tanker, who’s the dealer or who’s support in a match. However, because of speeding up the team, it is relatively difficult to coordinate the game.

Top game online cực khủng mới mở cửa ra mắt cộng đồng game thủ

The most interesting thing that players can find in LawBreakers is that everyone has the ability to break gravity and fly up and hover between the sky looks rather fun and also makes shooting each other unpredictable than ever. end. Just a moment of lack of focus, you will eat a big bullet right in the head and stupid people do not understand why to count on the table count …


In fact, this ‘Monster Hunter’ game, developed by all the Phoenix Labs, has impressed with the impressive graphics and crisp punchplaying and quickly became one of the most popular. The most anticipated online game in the world from the end of 2016 to the present.

Top game online cực khủng mới mở cửa ra mắt cộng đồng game thủ

The world in the Dauntless was built quite ‘ruined’ after the earthquake of natural disasters left the continents apart and created a series of unexplored mysterious lands that existed as Island in the middle of the ocean. Players will play “Slayers” to protect humans from the Behemoth hunters.   starfall2games

As for the main enemy Behemoth, they are new species that take over and occupy uninhabited land with tremendous power, potentially devastating. The slayer will have to destroy all of these monsters before they can grow up and reclaim the land for human life.

Top game online cực khủng mới mở cửa ra mắt cộng đồng game thủ

In the Dauntless, the Slayer can make his adventures through distant lands alone, or form a team of about four who fight the Behemoth. The choice will bring different challenges as well as rewards. Gamers will have to find a way to survive both in the wild and against the enemy and collect resources to upgrade weapons, armor upon return.

MU Legend

As expected, the online game blockbuster MU Legend has officially opened wide open beta and not reset character, but in Korea. Many people have been waiting for the appearance of the last hidden class Emphasizer, but still have not seen a bit, only four classes have appeared before the Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage and Whisperer.

Top game online cực khủng mới mở cửa ra mắt cộng đồng game thủ

In the Dauntless, the Slayer can make his adventures through distant lands alone, or form a team of about four who fight the Behemoth. The choice will bring different challenges as well as rewards. Gamers will have to find a way to survive both in the wild and against the enemy and collect resources to upgrade weapons, armor upon return.

MU Legend

As expected, the online game blockbuster MU Legend has officially opened wide open beta and not reset character, but in Korea. Many people have been waiting for the appearance of the last hidden class Emphasizer, but still have not seen a bit, only four classes have appeared before the Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage and Whisperer.

Top game online cực khủng mới mở cửa ra mắt cộng đồng game thủ

MU Legend’s style of play seems to be rather complex, but when it comes to playing, the attack in the game is a lot simpler, and mostly the player will just control the character and then attack the monster. Things only. The game does not currently have auto-typing and does not appear to be up to date.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

As it is known, this is a shooter game that combines survival with a similar style to the H1Z1 or ARMA 3, promising to give gamers the ‘hunting’ people choking. Basically, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds put gamers on a deserted island and had to find a way to survive, destroy the opponent. From there, the player is forced to calculate the logical tactics to win, in addition to the top shooting skills.

Top game online cực khủng mới mở cửa ra mắt cộng đồng game thủ

With the fight mechanism all are rivals and only the last survivor is victorious so gamers can not believe who is forced to rely on themselves. The battlefield of the game is arranged quite a lot of vehicles, weapons and you will have to find places to hide, turn it into advantage for yourself or trapping enemy rivals.

Top game online cực khủng mới mở cửa ra mắt cộng đồng game thủ

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PC version was developed based on Unreal Engine 4 technology, promising to bring a beautiful graphics platform. Gamers will experience a vast battlefield scene with extensive military operations. Players will face each other everywhere means that you are forced to participate in PvP battle whether you like it or not.

Take a look at this racing game, and you’ll wonder eyes this is real or just a game

Game racing names also breathtaking, that you no longer distinguish between the real world and the virtual world again

I must admit, Vietnamese village game, or a little more narrow is the game offline gamers loved in the whole country interested in RPG and shooter. Almost no place for those who prefer other genres, from music to racing, the genre that I infatuated. From the time when playing Need For Speed Underground 2 is still in high school, at the same time, the movie The Fast and the Furious premiere cinemas, passion speed has become an indispensable thing for one person game enthusiasts like me.


Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game

Roads in Vietnam, it’s terrible, not just want to be able to gallop beyond Europe, has violated the traffic rules, and may make themselves dangerous. So, this passion for the game around. With the strong development of game graphics, not only the blockbuster shooter, role-playing or adventure, but also beautiful racing game to sob. And just look at this 5 racing game, you will have to gasp in amazement, not knowing this is another game or real life:

Need For Speed

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Release Date: 3/11/2015

Though launched from other years, but not until January 03/2016, the PC version of Need For Speed debuted. With the support unlock FPS, graphics upgrade from the console and engine Frostbite Need For Speed has turned into a great product to consider separate graphics platform. Take a look at the pictures of the game at night. Light, landscape, roads, and most importantly, model cars amazingly beautiful. The best is that you can control the most expensive machine speed world anymore.

In Need for Speed besides various car systems, players customize any of the cars were under his intent from the outside to the inside machine parts. For example, the type of decal stickers, now you not only select locations paste them anywhere on the body but also can rotate 360 degrees, zoom in and arbitrarily to create new textures.

Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game

Gran Turismo Sport

System: PS4

Release Date: 2017

Not need to launch, the latest version of the Gran Turismo racing series was promptly stunned the whole world because of the quality of the graphics really your details. Although still focused on the engine speed range of monsters, but also makes the scene gamer fans simulation racing game pro impressed. Not in her breath and illegal street like many other brands, Gran Turismo Sport makes the world again overwhelmed when the machine is only allowed to appear on the track over the embankment together each turn segment bends.

Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game

Forza Horizon 3

System: Xbox One

Release Date: 9/27/2016

Official release from September 27, 2016 for both platforms Xbox One and PC, “Forza Horizon 3” is immediately global gaming community warmly received by both excellent graphics quality, even is said to be the game’s most beautiful racing cars ever. If you do not already know, “Forza Horizon 3” is the newest title of the brand long-term racing game “Forza Horizon”. This famous series allows players to attend the race with a lot of different vehicles regardless of the family car, truck … In “Forza Horizon 3” game open world use on the part of Australia country. And because Australia is a vast land, rich geography so there are many forms of racing in the game.

Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game

Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date: 06/05/2015

If there Gran Turismo PS4, Xbox One with Forza, the PC also has pride named Project CARS. Project CARS is designed targeting the department lovers simulation racing genre or simply want to look sleek racing cars under the slick graphics. The ever trailer of Project CARS show graphics are very detailed, even worse than in real life footage is how. I myself am still a daily battle this game and not at the scene of the game are not attracted at all.

Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game


System: PS4

Release Date: 7/10/2014

Add an exclusive titles for the PS4. Despite launching a long time but Driveclub remains one of the racing game simulation of weather, physical model and the stress of the most impressive race that will be very unfortunate if not included in the list this book. Driveclub go towards “selling simulation” as the series format of Codemaster Grid instead of Gran Turismo or Forza hardcore variety, thus promising game more friendly to the gamer simply want to climb into the car and enjoy the feeling of speed height.

Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game
Hãy nhìn những game đua xe này, và bạn sẽ tròn mắt tự hỏi đây là thật hay chỉ là game

Qingming Search for moderate commuting player has freely Gypsy hunters transactions

During the Qingming Sword game just hard plowing, hardworking … then becoming rich from scratch is quite possible. But playing important skills and knowledge in your game only to some degree!

In order to recreate the world right swordplay movies often seen on Qingming Sword game for players to freely practice Gypsy pipe a very liberal way. In the game you can delight in doing what they want, to the places you need and pleasure pilots who work with the players martial martial forest or defeats the attackers called another time if enough real power. starfall2games

So in terms of “rice rice shirt money” players will not need to worry so much, because like in the movies, the swordsman can always sit “eat drink” conversation delight that martial arts no need to think about “no money” to pay for a whore master.1

Also participated in the operation, the train is also a way for monster players plow silver

However, it is only the “free” in eating problems, stay healthy for characters between where Wanderer disturbance only. Thanh Minh Kiem players also want to improve strength or martial arts advocacy to people of the golden suit, holding bright spirit Engineering Affairs told Choe … v … v..thi need much investment in terms of time , intentions plow hunters level and free trade with reasonably khacmot players.

Fixtures and materials during Qingming Sword game is worth

Perhaps when participating in any online games yet RPGs, then subconsciously everyone always exist two forces: Great Family and Population plow. Because with this format pattern gameplay notorious “bear play – bear more” investment in online games are not lacking. It was with genuine giants, have economic abundance and have enough passion to invest in your game account without hesitation.

And in the fiercely competitive environment together each metric strength, armor pieces, each piece of graft material sacraments, … v … only wishes his character to become hegemony, apart from recharge card, go hunting monsters as zoom farm is the first choice for people who do not want to give too much play money into the game but did not want to be inferior to a friend, which is indeed the peasants!

2Comrades same map boss hunting plowing is not to be missed pleasures of every gamer Vietnam

However in some games on the platform genre webgamelai more item drop rate, too high even inadvertently reduce the value of high-end items for the segment of the population cay.Trong items Last, golden reappeared on shop cash abound, ready to welcome any public giants had bought.

Thanh Minh Kiem understand this affects how the experience of gamers, therefore in every train yard monster item drop rates are random genuine and extremely low, requiring the player to really quit give new strength to be able to own. Also in the cash shop system in-game store also sold the basic materials or items that support the inevitable. Doing this helps the entire system of in-game items become rare and highly valuable to both peasants and land class household.3Perhaps the only new players really understand the feelings this time.

Give you the freedom to hunters, enjoyed sales transactions

If you‘re a gamer Vietnam generation 8x, 9x early, had a time machine plugged Net shop, forget to eat forget sleeping plow MU Online, Vo Lam, audition, … make sure you have not strangers to fetching feature level plows, free trade between players with each other has become an indispensable feature for game genre for this half. Indeed in the game, the monster in the map train not only bring experience to help level up characters, but it also creates the opportunity to own a lot Jewelry (currency in the game), valuable items for each player.4Market trading interface Qingming Sword

Especially each equipped with all items can be exchanged or transactions to bring the funding sources played no small during commuting Gypsy. So gaming history Vietnam has appeared no less virtual goods transactions are highly valued, “terrorist”, then as the story of the people after a while hardworking peasants, picking up garbage fees map get virtual currency shop, or use a virtual gold to buy the food that golden pole equipped and resell it to the other players with the real value.5Regularly up-date market and price soi map is the work of the true wholesale.

Psychological insight that Qingming Sword game opened up a whirlwind plot related features on free trade between hunters and other players with the most comfortable way. Accordingly game offers many features such as direct personal transactions, stalls sold through the auction system on the market or trade up. Especially in the game in addition to the picnic area of the map also provides a lot of the area filled with caves where challenges and bosses keepers. In return, if you single-handedly overcome all, many valuable items, or materials regime, was president … not lock your arms will belong. On the other hand Qingming Sword game also offers many activities, battlefield, which will target teams for players up to war and earned the team a lot of gold, silver and rare equipment.

In-game currency system and recharge very balanced

Most players as well as participate in any online game that … are poor! And when going through a period of experience, your poverty will depend on whether you have a reasonable plowing game or not. Now we takhoan comes to recharge, sometimes just knowing how to play, how to plow the map, you will become tinny in the game there in a snap!

And most important of all is the trade in Thanh Minh Kiem game exists only 2 types are Silver (ingame money) and Gold (deposit card). At first hearing, but substantially less economic unit 2 this very valuable balance and equal use. It is this contributing to the peasants could rival other great players in terms of spending on the game.6Market system is one of the main monetary transaction in Thanh Minh Kiem game.

Because of the Qing Ming Make any features that will also need to spend a certain amount of silver, from dexterity, learning martial arts, smashing furniture, institutional furniture, meridians training or pet evolution, god of war … etc. .Cho that, once engaged in the Thanh Minh Kiem then use Silver or Gold is totally depending on the decision of the player, you want to go faster or slower like giving effort or wasted, that’s entirely up to you own!

LMHT: Full team selection SKT T1 OFFICIAL honored for his costume, too surprised with skins of Faker

Faker and Bengi some skill which still owns more than Yorick. Riot Games generals were “snubbed” in League of Legends.

Yesterday, the game League of Legends was the most important in 2016 officially ended. Confrontation between SKT T1 and Samsung happening very dramatic and breathtaking to the last moment. This is definitely the best finals in the history of ever.

After all, the winner is still people with fewer mistakes and more calm in the decisive moments. And that is SKT T1, Faker and his teammates 2nd consecutive time steps to the top of the world. Also on Tuesday, both teams shared the SKT T1 option honored Minister as his costume.

Bae “Bang” Jun-sik: I have not thought about it much, but if forced to choose, I think Ezreal. Because I liked the general, and not necessarily choose the extremely successful generals in this CKTG period.


Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan: I like Karma. The quality of previous Alistar skin very well, so I hope this time too Karma.


Kang “Blank” Sun-gu: Still thinking about it, but it would be Zac where bad choice.


Faker: In the past I used to want to have skin Ahri (2013) and I think I was still a bit disappointed not to have the opportunity to use her.


Lee “Duke” Ho-Seong: I think that will be compatible with your Gnar.


Bae “Bengi” Seong-Woong: I played four generals, but 2 of them had skin and should definitely only remaining choice is Nidalee or Olaf alone.


Thus we will have a group of skins SKT 2016 is: Gnar, Olaf / Nidalee, Zac, Ahri, Ezreal and Karma. One last interesting thing, of skins which Bengi Faker and still owns more than Yorick. Riot Games generals were “snubbed” in League of Legends.

The minister is shocking LMHT regime worldwide ranking after the world final

With the final World League of Legends broke out, many generals are important players use but how effective is not known.

Explores the power of a general League of Legends – It seemed such a simple but not simple at all. Whenever Gosu invent and apply new ideas, community gamers imitate but results missed half half eaten. Now let’s come to the generals are doing turmoil Rank League of Legends in the world at the present time offline.

1. Jayce

In season 2, Jayce was once considered as the general League of Legends for the power fails in the road championships on. Currently, the power of being reproduced by Jayce Meta Game supporters, players skill level increased power comes increased from Riot.


With the disappearance of Meta Tanker bold effects, Jayce road almost no rival in the road above, especially short-sleeved gladiators. The current hot generals like Poppy, Rumble, Irelia, Trundle, Ekko … very deep and lost with Jayce, only with great hands Kennen make peace road. Furthermore, gamers skill level also causes the phase advancement handle situations with Jayce Madness, dealing damage and dodge every attack such Skillshot Tool.

Jayce hours on map towards opaque armor cooldown attached to each attack, the enemy attacks caused terrible privations blood weak. With Jayce, the most important thing is the selection of the time came together to fight shy eyes Gank plug because the general was regularly pushed higher soldiers.

2Outfarm too horrible.

2. Miss Fortune

Also explored the world finals, Miss Fortune stark contrast compared to Jayce. With a bounty hunter in a position to support, we can only say the word “abuse” when the general was hit and winning percentage over 40% just a little, and the weakest among the support.


First, Miss Fortune supports blood preened style plus accrued and gunner much damage control as Varus, Ashe. However, they can only be made when the gamers can communicate quickly and accurately. Unfortunately, at best, the Solo Queue via Ping, further structural support having blood preen shield buff, heal as Soraka, Sona, Karma, Janna, the sun off the end of the flood. Therefore, the selection of Miss Fortune support as turbulent world rankings last but brings such effects is how.  abcya4

That each community enough to make gamers very afraid when Miss Fortune in his team. Maybe people should spend more than 1 Slot prohibited, even Pro also feel helpless with this general let alone those still immersed take each individual as our point.

4Gorilla at his jog, ruins and Rank !!!

3. nasus

Percentage of players nasus at 6:21 version spiked after this buff Riot. They moved from the armor and damage resistance allows for nasus, that the general was visibly cattle and just add 1 Item Damage cast as the Three Gorges as the Blood Sword comes equipped Warmog Blood Armor is strong.


Of course, the most important thing is a table with pearl nasus cooldown Q for fast standard for farm, adding further amounts of energy recovery is better. The best way of starting with nasus include: Drugs Recycling (150) + Ancient Coin (350). Using Ancient Coin, nasus additional cooldown, Complementary Energy and money when soldiers can not Last Hit. Rest assured, the proceeds of where losses are not too many things that brings.

Thanks to the last attack was Buff, nasus increased to 4% winning percentage from the 6:20 to 6:21 through, creating intense waves in the village Pick on most servers Gen. world. In Vietnam, many gamers nasus be noticed and loved so perhaps revival of nasus day is not far off.

6Remember the way starting with nasus best equipped.

4. Jhin

Also from the final after the world, the power of Jhin has peaked and beyond Jinx at the present time, only losing Miss Fortune shooters only.


Jhin indeed too strong by both strong basic strikes, using bold tactics and damage effects far from reach. Zhao W, and moves the end user at the right time makes tremble the enemy team, even want nor retreat. Therefore, good thinkers stable road, then support both the forest and the road between the player advantage. The strength of Jhin explored to the maximum extent, even as a second jungle the whole team. starfall2games

Of course the Late, has strong abilities of medium stature Jhin Combat fire is high, but the general’s physical too strong, especially secondary Quarterfinal rounds can cause damage over 1000 too plain. Perhaps the lack of skills Jhin only escape, remaining almost perfect everything spotless.8

Versus Modern Combat – Television’s hit FPS continued overtures Mobile

Versus Modern Combat also known as Modern Combat 6, a promising FPS super terrible graphics and frantic gamelay officially voiced Gameloft mobile.

Recently, Gameloft has suddenly “leaked” information document has not been published, but their supply was allocated to the partners and their investors in London from 22/03. Thereby, we see that Gameloft preparation for new product launches super Versus Modern Combat is also known by the name quite familiar as Modern Combat 6. This document also includes the stunning images that TV’s of Modern Combat 5 was unveiled.


We hope Versus Modern Combat will be released in the 4th quarter of 2016, but is likely to change in Q1 2017 due to unforeseen delays may occur. Although the game is called Modern Combat Versus but also not exclude the possibility that this game will be renamed as soon as the imminent launch date.

Gameplay trailer

Based on the latest news from Gameloft, Modern Combat Modern Combat 6 Versus or still is a shooter and will be released as a Free-to-play game. In a statement on recent Tweet, Gameloft said it has abandoned the Premium model. Although players can download the game for free, but like many other F2P games, the commercials will appear as a matter of course by chance and, consequentially, you must spend some money to get rid of it.


In the next installment of this cult series FPS, instead of two parallel single array and Multipplayer Versus Modern Combat will then focus entirely on football Online. Accordingly, the player will have to use the full capability as well as their ingenuity to win over other players. The game will have a huge map with complex sites and natural landscapes as sea side or in a construction site.

As for the photos, fans can completely trust on Versus Modern Combat will own a piece of clothing of one second graphics on mobile today, and maybe even beyond than seniors Modern Combat 5 more. The control system in the game will be quite similar to his predecessor ahead but also somewhat improved relative to.


Besides, we also believe that, Gameloft is working at full capacity in the design of their products to compete to become a true eSports game, this may be true for the version of Modern Combat upcoming Versus.

Expected Versus Modern Combat will be released soon in late 2016. For the latest information will be our game to update you in the following article. Note welcome to read offline!

This is the most powerful generals jungle to climb rank League of Legends

Let us come to the powerful generals, great for climbing rank League of Legends.


Gragas although nerfed at 6:17 version but look at the overall, alcoholic man still extremely strong position in the forest. Skill sets include Rolling Barrels Wine, Too Hoa Cuong Say Belly Roll along with the forest going up equipped Than Hope forest monster capable of moving extremely fast. Besides, the last attack of Gragas Explosive Barrels Wine very versatile as he can ‘peel’ important retail location of the enemy, while they can protect allies.


Besides, Variable Speed combo Rolling Belly + makes the challenge of Gragas gank almost 100% success with complete surprise factor, control effects, damage. The revised time of the attack exploded late Explosive Barrels Wine can make players a little trouble getting used but, if mature, it Gragas will maximize the effect of the squad.


As one of three generals in CKTG jungle hottest season 5, season 6 to arrive, even though much has changed with the emergence of the jungle generals as Graves gunner, Kindred. But Elise retains his position queens. Equipped with new enchanted jungle Than Hope helps Elise already have the ability to put strong damage, this is even more terrible.


Elise quite maneuverable, less blood jungle, forest monsters move quickly and gank from quite early after all 3 of his abilities. Moreover, in% damage blood helps Elise not shy away generals forest buffer tank. After finishing up the forest and shoes fitted, Elise almost quite healthy and strong enough to put the enemy dead. Therefore, players should Elise to the next is equipped with maps for team defense as Stone Pendant Iron Solari or Shine to help the team.


The ability to move extremely fast with Roundups forests (Q), blood flow steady recovery with soulful photography game (W), Vo horse destructive (E) helps Hecarim move extremely fast in forests and islands are also good road no less . Last moves Hecarim also rushed to help him a great distance from rivals and causing panic, a tool Dragon and Baron scramble too effective.


Three of the 20% for increased attack speed and 10% cooldown help Hecarim has many advantages. Style with melee attacks Roundups (Q) can help him activate Search enables continuous and well maintained enthusiasm always achieve maximum combat damage. 10% cooldown abilities also helps the fast recovery of capital has also recovered quicker this Hecarim. 10% also critical loss is not a problem too difficult because of increased damage from the attack and use skills Hecarim completely overcome critical damage at a minimum and full of chance. Core items by the specter of war become even more fit than the uncle of centaurs.

With the permission Express cooldown reduced to 30 seconds, while the speed of plus sharp increase from 27% to 27+ (level)%, making the ability to surf and raid’s damage is increased intense Hecarim in the middle stage and late game. abcya4


As readers know, Rek’Sai recently was a general extremely powerful jungle, extremely dangerous in the hands of SofM and the forest spirit world. Q technique of giving male model Rek’Sai Void ability to move fast forest monsters. Besides the style is not complete jungle fitted up for his early and ax Tiamat, Rek’Sai not move fast forest monster that has the ability to scramble charms favor with the enemy generals to attack forest damage standard E .


Besides, rising by Rek’Sai also provide the ability to open fighting and gank easily right from level 3 from very far when combined with Tunnel. Regarding the game, the ‘buffer’ of Namo Void really annoying for the opponent.


Nidalee is one of the jungle shaman are Gamers League of Legends server favorite in Vietnam. Mobile gameplay, the full reckoning spear “brain hacking” enemy. Female Hunter Chemical Animal ownership is still dominant power in this version although slightly nerfed. Is very consistent with the general structure of blood remote squad, Nidalee can cause high mutation with the ability to put terrible damage.


If you are confident with your level, players can fully Nidalee play on the Jungle opponent. Intrinsic stalking help Nidalee have a big advantage in the challenge 1vs1 fighting in the jungle. The necessary equipment is Trượng Longevity Nidalee Jungle, hourglass, sticks skullcap. In the overview, try to keep a good distance, using his nose, pulling blood work before. Recently rated medium kite, to combat premature labor may cause Nidalee evaporate quickly.  starfall2games

The online game requires skill

The online game extremely impressed with the work that requires players to have the skills to win victory


In the last 30/8 days, the first shooter game online free no livelock Perfect World is officially released on the PC, Xbox One and PS4. Games for $ 19.99 (equivalent to over 400 thousand), those who buy the game was between 30.8 – 10 08/09 will be offered other key 2 game Star Trek Online is Neverwinter same.


Livelock will take players to the 22th century, where robots have become an emerging forces threatening the survival of humanity. Players will engage in game under the banner of Capital Intellect, which specializes in “load” of human memory in the machine, turn them into robots with human nature, destroy the robot Clusters, thereby protected defense for the survival of mankind. abcya4

In terms of gameplay, there livelock top-down perspective, create a feeling similar to a Diablo-style RPG, but it is the shooter with a high-paced action. Since then, feels very strange new players by the uniqueness of the style controls his character.


Gamers will have to fight with the hordes of monsters coming from everywhere, and good coordination with teammates will make the experience easier livelock as well as more exciting than trying to do a themselves.

Marvel End Time Arena

Recently Marvel Studios with renowned manufacturers Korean Smile Gate was produced in cooperation with the ultimate online game called Marvel MOBA End Time Arena, obviously superhero themed already. As expected, the game will open the first test in the land of Kim Chi in the next 8/9 days


With the strong development of the blockbuster superhero themes in recent years, it is clear that Marvel titles Arena End Time could not be ignored for gamers Vietnam and the world. Unfortunately, we still do not know NSX has extensive plans to release the game to the world or not …


Return to Marvel features End Time Arena, gamers will engage in heated battles with the face of the super heroes and bad guys famous in Marvel comics. Idol that many people like Iron Man, Captain American, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange will appear, besides the super-powerful bad guys as Venom, Green Goblin, ULTRON … also be included here.

One Tower

Recently a MOBA game online super unique style called One Tower was introduced. Scheduled for March 09 next, One Tower will officially launch a completely free on Steam for everyone to be able to enjoy.


Just as the name of the game, in the One Tower, will have only one lane, two generals by the player controls and 1 male creeps. The developer said the game “MOBA mini” this will only 1 vs 1 matches between players with each other, and they will have to match wits and strength to win the victory. To put it in simple form, this game is not much different than the game of DOTA 2 solo mid or LMHT whole, differs in that stuff just seemed as mini-games in the MOBA gameplay blockbuster is directed primarily to the One Tower only.

Not only upgrades for the characters, but players will also be able to upgrade to the latest NPC soldiers to get the advantage in every game anymore.


As you already know, online gaming blockbuster shooter MOBA genre Paragon has officially opened completely free open beta on June 16/8 for both the PC and PS 4.


Previously, Paragon has conducted many trials, but the toll from the arrested players buy founders pack, thus opening the free game is a lot of interest and support. Paragon blockbuster game set a date open for gamers to play free Basically, Paragon still own shooter gameplay with fast-paced, powerful, like a lot of blockbuster action game from Epic Games.

Unlike Destiny, one other shooter on the PS4, the Paragon will be an online game and play MOBA propensity to focus on the third angle. Gamers will experience many different character classes and enjoy the game in the process, we will be using many “wild card” with diverse skills corresponding to each character, much like the play of Titanfall , one of the best shooters in about 3 years.

Series online games appealing to players like driving increased shelling

Gather some super cool online game for gamers like modern warfare with a powerful tank.

Battleline: Steel Warfare

Recently, Namco Bandai America, the North American subsidiary of one of the developers of the hit game cum released from Japan today announced the launch online games in their 2014 entitled Battleline: Steel Warfare officially set foot on the Steam platform, allowing gamers to enjoy a free and not locked IP as some other online games.


At the same time, this game will own at the same time both tactical gameplay tough time but full of satisfaction, just get the game screen tank top down perspective is extremely impressive.

As an online game, so in Battleline: Steel Warfare, players will be able to compare your skills with many other players, or party with your friends to form a team tank “champion”, go over the side of battle Tran.
Series online games appealing to players like driving increased shelling


In the Korean market, has launched titles, named Blitz 2: Battle Line. Currently Namco Bandai Games has not revealed the official launch date of Battleline: Steel Warfare. Only one thing can be sure, with the launch of the English version via Steam, Battleline: Steel Warfare Vietnam will allow gamers to participate freely without facing barriers or language IP .

Violence Fugue Page Armor

Violence pipes adjacent page is a 3D online game genre MMOTPS with science fiction themes developed by and published by the company Art of War. Games build a fantasy world with the kind of military armed extremely modern, bring players more choice from tanks, artillery vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and graphics platform modern 3D, ensuring players will get to experience extremely voyeuristic fighting.


How to design the form of armored vehicles in the game proved to be extremely interesting, not only interesting aspect that each car also owns the form of various combat skills. The number of vehicles in the game will be divided into four main types including defense, maneuver, observation and damage, each system will have indicators of movement speed, distance shot, blood, armor or firepower not same.


To create more unique than the other tank shooting game, Violence Fugue Giap page design skills system and weapons are plentiful. In it, each car will have 3 skills are not the same default, the form incorporates enough weapons to equip. Skills in the game system has the form, can be used for defense, bullets, could be used to attack or cause effectively controlled enemies. Through it, the player will get the feeling like you are experiencing the MOBA with a context of modern warfare such vehicles.


Along with gameplay mechanics breakthrough and novelty for the MMOTPS be ordinary board game that has a genuine quality 3D images, simulating realistic physical interactions, environmental flawless show and every detail of the scene move. Players can feel the wind blowing, the wind stirs the trees, time clock, weather, wind or sandstorms vast desert. Thanks to the physical effects, the fight will take place naturally takes over

Iron Storm

Iron Storm is a 3D online game genre MMOTPS themed modern warfare developed by KongZhong do Mokylin and by exclusive distributors. The product is studied closely in partnership with the US firm’s Mote Games using the Unreal Engine 3 technology advanced, promising to bring the authentic battlefield open, excellent image quality to the experience.


The first impression left to the game experience is the quality of modern graphic design with authentic style. During this first test, visual effects, sound and interactive fighting games are shown relatively good, easy to satisfy players; however there is a defect easily see the map design and environmental landscape has not been detailed and are relatively simple, need extra complexity added to affect more than military tactics.


One point is appreciated and proved most appealing in Iron Storm is a systematic relationship between the ground war – the air. In particular, the media types are divided into major categories including tanks and combat helicopters, helicopter although the number is small, but it’s enough so that players feel the unique interaction between the battling or face-to-air with another helicopter. Currently, the game has launched two major forms, a form of division of the two camps is then fired to judge the points won and lost, a different type is required to destroy all enemies.

tanki X

According to latest information, fun tank shooting game online tanki X will open soon in open beta this summer to welcome everyone to play. NSX AlternativaPlatform has announced that the game will be open free to the end of 2016 for PC systems running Windows, Mac and Linux.


Unlike the blockbuster online game beautiful graphics usually try to reproduce the driving increased truest way, turning it into a game simulator, the modern battlefield tanki X carries a simple style and body much better.


Gamers do not need to focus too much on driving skills that increase simply find pleasure in running staggered and shoot for true standards only. Simplicity is in tanki X gamers just jump into the virtual world and elaborately cast ultra fast driving his danger only.


By winning gunfights, the players will get experience to level up, unlock new weapons more powerful. However you do not need to worry that those with bigger guns will win, tanki X also requires a lot of possibilities of each person, teamwork and tactics applied anymore.


Gamers can build your tank based on several basic components like canon guns, machine guns, engines … And finally hitting their uncompromising battle with multiple modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch , and Capture the flag (Capture the flag).

Final Fire

Final Fire is a 3D online game genre MMOTPS themed modern warfare are operated by companies ZQgame. Games exploit modern military context, owned platform of high quality graphics, built detailed battlefields, and tank system is rich and diverse in combat capability, promise appointments bring the PVP content extremely appealing gameplay for players.


For these products used primarily TPS forms of combat vehicles, aiming mechanism is very important, the main impact to experience the whole process. Through many trials, Final Fire was on a complete mechanism, offering prime tutorial details and allows players to aim and shoot, according to FPS handy angle.


Along with research and development systems and techniques to new media, the game also indispensable growth system, allowing players to purchase some ammunition were recovered and basic items. Players can through the mission system, a fight and many other activities to accumulate money and materials needed to serve the sewing purchase and upgrade facilities.

However there is a well-birth issue is fairness between community types play when purchasing items with real money is in units loaded to help anyone with the money quickly becomes stronger.