This is the most powerful generals jungle to climb rank League of Legends

Let us come to the powerful generals, great for climbing rank League of Legends.


Gragas although nerfed at 6:17 version but look at the overall, alcoholic man still extremely strong position in the forest. Skill sets include Rolling Barrels Wine, Too Hoa Cuong Say Belly Roll along with the forest going up equipped Than Hope forest monster capable of moving extremely fast. Besides, the last attack of Gragas Explosive Barrels Wine very versatile as he can ‘peel’ important retail location of the enemy, while they can protect allies.


Besides, Variable Speed combo Rolling Belly + makes the challenge of Gragas gank almost 100% success with complete surprise factor, control effects, damage. The revised time of the attack exploded late Explosive Barrels Wine can make players a little trouble getting used but, if mature, it Gragas will maximize the effect of the squad.


As one of three generals in CKTG jungle hottest season 5, season 6 to arrive, even though much has changed with the emergence of the jungle generals as Graves gunner, Kindred. But Elise retains his position queens. Equipped with new enchanted jungle Than Hope helps Elise already have the ability to put strong damage, this is even more terrible.


Elise quite maneuverable, less blood jungle, forest monsters move quickly and gank from quite early after all 3 of his abilities. Moreover, in% damage blood helps Elise not shy away generals forest buffer tank. After finishing up the forest and shoes fitted, Elise almost quite healthy and strong enough to put the enemy dead. Therefore, players should Elise to the next is equipped with maps for team defense as Stone Pendant Iron Solari or Shine to help the team.


The ability to move extremely fast with Roundups forests (Q), blood flow steady recovery with soulful photography game (W), Vo horse destructive (E) helps Hecarim move extremely fast in forests and islands are also good road no less . Last moves Hecarim also rushed to help him a great distance from rivals and causing panic, a tool Dragon and Baron scramble too effective.


Three of the 20% for increased attack speed and 10% cooldown help Hecarim has many advantages. Style with melee attacks Roundups (Q) can help him activate Search enables continuous and well maintained enthusiasm always achieve maximum combat damage. 10% cooldown abilities also helps the fast recovery of capital has also recovered quicker this Hecarim. 10% also critical loss is not a problem too difficult because of increased damage from the attack and use skills Hecarim completely overcome critical damage at a minimum and full of chance. Core items by the specter of war become even more fit than the uncle of centaurs.

With the permission Express cooldown reduced to 30 seconds, while the speed of plus sharp increase from 27% to 27+ (level)%, making the ability to surf and raid’s damage is increased intense Hecarim in the middle stage and late game. abcya4


As readers know, Rek’Sai recently was a general extremely powerful jungle, extremely dangerous in the hands of SofM and the forest spirit world. Q technique of giving male model Rek’Sai Void ability to move fast forest monsters. Besides the style is not complete jungle fitted up for his early and ax Tiamat, Rek’Sai not move fast forest monster that has the ability to scramble charms favor with the enemy generals to attack forest damage standard E .


Besides, rising by Rek’Sai also provide the ability to open fighting and gank easily right from level 3 from very far when combined with Tunnel. Regarding the game, the ‘buffer’ of Namo Void really annoying for the opponent.


Nidalee is one of the jungle shaman are Gamers League of Legends server favorite in Vietnam. Mobile gameplay, the full reckoning spear “brain hacking” enemy. Female Hunter Chemical Animal ownership is still dominant power in this version although slightly nerfed. Is very consistent with the general structure of blood remote squad, Nidalee can cause high mutation with the ability to put terrible damage.


If you are confident with your level, players can fully Nidalee play on the Jungle opponent. Intrinsic stalking help Nidalee have a big advantage in the challenge 1vs1 fighting in the jungle. The necessary equipment is Trượng Longevity Nidalee Jungle, hourglass, sticks skullcap. In the overview, try to keep a good distance, using his nose, pulling blood work before. Recently rated medium kite, to combat premature labor may cause Nidalee evaporate quickly.  starfall2games


The online game requires skill

The online game extremely impressed with the work that requires players to have the skills to win victory


In the last 30/8 days, the first shooter game online free no livelock Perfect World is officially released on the PC, Xbox One and PS4. Games for $ 19.99 (equivalent to over 400 thousand), those who buy the game was between 30.8 – 10 08/09 will be offered other key 2 game Star Trek Online is Neverwinter same.


Livelock will take players to the 22th century, where robots have become an emerging forces threatening the survival of humanity. Players will engage in game under the banner of Capital Intellect, which specializes in “load” of human memory in the machine, turn them into robots with human nature, destroy the robot Clusters, thereby protected defense for the survival of mankind. abcya4

In terms of gameplay, there livelock top-down perspective, create a feeling similar to a Diablo-style RPG, but it is the shooter with a high-paced action. Since then, feels very strange new players by the uniqueness of the style controls his character.


Gamers will have to fight with the hordes of monsters coming from everywhere, and good coordination with teammates will make the experience easier livelock as well as more exciting than trying to do a themselves.

Marvel End Time Arena

Recently Marvel Studios with renowned manufacturers Korean Smile Gate was produced in cooperation with the ultimate online game called Marvel MOBA End Time Arena, obviously superhero themed already. As expected, the game will open the first test in the land of Kim Chi in the next 8/9 days


With the strong development of the blockbuster superhero themes in recent years, it is clear that Marvel titles Arena End Time could not be ignored for gamers Vietnam and the world. Unfortunately, we still do not know NSX has extensive plans to release the game to the world or not …


Return to Marvel features End Time Arena, gamers will engage in heated battles with the face of the super heroes and bad guys famous in Marvel comics. Idol that many people like Iron Man, Captain American, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange will appear, besides the super-powerful bad guys as Venom, Green Goblin, ULTRON … also be included here.

One Tower

Recently a MOBA game online super unique style called One Tower was introduced. Scheduled for March 09 next, One Tower will officially launch a completely free on Steam for everyone to be able to enjoy.


Just as the name of the game, in the One Tower, will have only one lane, two generals by the player controls and 1 male creeps. The developer said the game “MOBA mini” this will only 1 vs 1 matches between players with each other, and they will have to match wits and strength to win the victory. To put it in simple form, this game is not much different than the game of DOTA 2 solo mid or LMHT whole, differs in that stuff just seemed as mini-games in the MOBA gameplay blockbuster is directed primarily to the One Tower only.

Not only upgrades for the characters, but players will also be able to upgrade to the latest NPC soldiers to get the advantage in every game anymore.


As you already know, online gaming blockbuster shooter MOBA genre Paragon has officially opened completely free open beta on June 16/8 for both the PC and PS 4.


Previously, Paragon has conducted many trials, but the toll from the arrested players buy founders pack, thus opening the free game is a lot of interest and support. Paragon blockbuster game set a date open for gamers to play free Basically, Paragon still own shooter gameplay with fast-paced, powerful, like a lot of blockbuster action game from Epic Games.

Unlike Destiny, one other shooter on the PS4, the Paragon will be an online game and play MOBA propensity to focus on the third angle. Gamers will experience many different character classes and enjoy the game in the process, we will be using many “wild card” with diverse skills corresponding to each character, much like the play of Titanfall , one of the best shooters in about 3 years.

Series online games appealing to players like driving increased shelling

Gather some super cool online game for gamers like modern warfare with a powerful tank.

Battleline: Steel Warfare

Recently, Namco Bandai America, the North American subsidiary of one of the developers of the hit game cum released from Japan today announced the launch online games in their 2014 entitled Battleline: Steel Warfare officially set foot on the Steam platform, allowing gamers to enjoy a free and not locked IP as some other online games.


At the same time, this game will own at the same time both tactical gameplay tough time but full of satisfaction, just get the game screen tank top down perspective is extremely impressive.

As an online game, so in Battleline: Steel Warfare, players will be able to compare your skills with many other players, or party with your friends to form a team tank “champion”, go over the side of battle Tran.
Series online games appealing to players like driving increased shelling


In the Korean market, has launched titles, named Blitz 2: Battle Line. Currently Namco Bandai Games has not revealed the official launch date of Battleline: Steel Warfare. Only one thing can be sure, with the launch of the English version via Steam, Battleline: Steel Warfare Vietnam will allow gamers to participate freely without facing barriers or language IP .

Violence Fugue Page Armor

Violence pipes adjacent page is a 3D online game genre MMOTPS with science fiction themes developed by and published by the company Art of War. Games build a fantasy world with the kind of military armed extremely modern, bring players more choice from tanks, artillery vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and graphics platform modern 3D, ensuring players will get to experience extremely voyeuristic fighting.


How to design the form of armored vehicles in the game proved to be extremely interesting, not only interesting aspect that each car also owns the form of various combat skills. The number of vehicles in the game will be divided into four main types including defense, maneuver, observation and damage, each system will have indicators of movement speed, distance shot, blood, armor or firepower not same.


To create more unique than the other tank shooting game, Violence Fugue Giap page design skills system and weapons are plentiful. In it, each car will have 3 skills are not the same default, the form incorporates enough weapons to equip. Skills in the game system has the form, can be used for defense, bullets, could be used to attack or cause effectively controlled enemies. Through it, the player will get the feeling like you are experiencing the MOBA with a context of modern warfare such vehicles.


Along with gameplay mechanics breakthrough and novelty for the MMOTPS be ordinary board game that has a genuine quality 3D images, simulating realistic physical interactions, environmental flawless show and every detail of the scene move. Players can feel the wind blowing, the wind stirs the trees, time clock, weather, wind or sandstorms vast desert. Thanks to the physical effects, the fight will take place naturally takes over

Iron Storm

Iron Storm is a 3D online game genre MMOTPS themed modern warfare developed by KongZhong do Mokylin and by exclusive distributors. The product is studied closely in partnership with the US firm’s Mote Games using the Unreal Engine 3 technology advanced, promising to bring the authentic battlefield open, excellent image quality to the experience.


The first impression left to the game experience is the quality of modern graphic design with authentic style. During this first test, visual effects, sound and interactive fighting games are shown relatively good, easy to satisfy players; however there is a defect easily see the map design and environmental landscape has not been detailed and are relatively simple, need extra complexity added to affect more than military tactics.


One point is appreciated and proved most appealing in Iron Storm is a systematic relationship between the ground war – the air. In particular, the media types are divided into major categories including tanks and combat helicopters, helicopter although the number is small, but it’s enough so that players feel the unique interaction between the battling or face-to-air with another helicopter. Currently, the game has launched two major forms, a form of division of the two camps is then fired to judge the points won and lost, a different type is required to destroy all enemies.

tanki X

According to latest information, fun tank shooting game online tanki X will open soon in open beta this summer to welcome everyone to play. NSX AlternativaPlatform has announced that the game will be open free to the end of 2016 for PC systems running Windows, Mac and Linux.


Unlike the blockbuster online game beautiful graphics usually try to reproduce the driving increased truest way, turning it into a game simulator, the modern battlefield tanki X carries a simple style and body much better.


Gamers do not need to focus too much on driving skills that increase simply find pleasure in running staggered and shoot for true standards only. Simplicity is in tanki X gamers just jump into the virtual world and elaborately cast ultra fast driving his danger only.


By winning gunfights, the players will get experience to level up, unlock new weapons more powerful. However you do not need to worry that those with bigger guns will win, tanki X also requires a lot of possibilities of each person, teamwork and tactics applied anymore.


Gamers can build your tank based on several basic components like canon guns, machine guns, engines … And finally hitting their uncompromising battle with multiple modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch , and Capture the flag (Capture the flag).

Final Fire

Final Fire is a 3D online game genre MMOTPS themed modern warfare are operated by companies ZQgame. Games exploit modern military context, owned platform of high quality graphics, built detailed battlefields, and tank system is rich and diverse in combat capability, promise appointments bring the PVP content extremely appealing gameplay for players.


For these products used primarily TPS forms of combat vehicles, aiming mechanism is very important, the main impact to experience the whole process. Through many trials, Final Fire was on a complete mechanism, offering prime tutorial details and allows players to aim and shoot, according to FPS handy angle.


Along with research and development systems and techniques to new media, the game also indispensable growth system, allowing players to purchase some ammunition were recovered and basic items. Players can through the mission system, a fight and many other activities to accumulate money and materials needed to serve the sewing purchase and upgrade facilities.

However there is a well-birth issue is fairness between community types play when purchasing items with real money is in units loaded to help anyone with the money quickly becomes stronger.


Extreme top quality online games opened shortly in early December 08

The extremely attractive online gaming has officially opened the first day of the last 08 months

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

After a period of testing, the recent blockbuster card game online The Elder Scrolls: Legends has officially opened it’s free open beta for gamers around the world, including Vietnam join the game.


As you know, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is characterized by dividing lane in each game. You will start with 1 Magica (Mana), and use it to summon the monster card with every turn of Magica increased 1 point. These monsters are also many familiar tactics Guard (Taunt opponents), Ward (shield) and Charge (attack) …

At the annual event PAX East, The Elder Scrolls: Legends also had a debut very impressive with many exciting features. If the Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone only one “lane”, the The Elder Scrolls: Legends again differ than those two games impressive card was launched earlier.


More specifically, the “battleground” will be divided into two separate lines at the same time and you will have to win in both lanes. Each line will only be able to attack each other or opposing gamers control, not be kicked into the remaining sugar.

Crush Online

Such online games are role-playing hybrid very similar MOBA League of Legends is Crush Online has entered the final stage of closed beta, open formal preparation.


A noticeable point of Crush Online is very unique gameplay with many features of the role playing genre, but fought back to when exactly the League of Legends, even on the map layouts, soldiers, cylindrical … MOBA games are a lot like winter best players in the world.

Online Crush put gamers to a world called Gaia, where the 3 countries occupy and create constant conflict, neither side is in favor of any party by the vast land rich in natural resources who also want to hold hold.


Thus, players can choose one of three countries to start their war. The characters are divided by class, but players can fully edit as you like yourself, from weapons to skills, building style … Then, of course, working on large-scale war intransigence.

Escape From Tarkov

According to the latest announcement from Battlestate Games Studio has officially opened the first test for survival shooter online game Escape From Tarkov super terrible. Known only those who have put the money to buy this product before new players can participate in this alpha test phase.


Introduced as a survival shooter online game very nicely, Escape From Tarkov platform also very impressive graphics, built an incredibly realistic motion capture based technology (simulated action ) in real life.

Escape From Tarkov unique style combines genres first person shooter perspective transformation with the 3rd and especially mixed more immersive special features, including furnished and context a survival horror game open world. The game promises to bring a different experience than new for gamers. But players should also be psychologically prepared to get used to a whole new gameplay style, very tough.


The game takes place in a city in Russia has destroyed unexplained, the player plays a soldier stranded here and fighting between the grip of a lot of different forces from foreign troops to spy tangled warren team. Tasks throughout the game is put yourself to escape the city, just as the name Escape From Tarkov.

Dungeon Fighter Online

Recently, online action game Dungeon Fighter Online trade has hand has officially been released on Steam distribution system. This is a good opportunity for Vietnam to join gamers easily play1.5

Dungeon Fighter Online gives players the feeling returned to play in the arcade titles in the past. Although the graphics are pretty old ranks, but players can still easily get familiar with Dungeon Fighter Online and you will not be too difficult to differentiate between the characters, NPCs, monsters and obstacles on the dirty.

As a tight guillotine games played under the horizontal screen, the map of Dungeon Fighter Online is designed with full of monsters. To pass the map supplement (dungeon), players must destroy all monsters on the map to unlock the exit doors complete, go to the next sub-map.1.6

During the migration process, there is a dead-end places, and players will be forced to return to the old road. Still, if your goal is to go to farm money or experience, the discovery of all the corners of the map and is not too confusing.

League of Legends: The new Talon powerful, but requires a higher skill from players

The incremental power is absolutely necessary in the context of the waste at the Talon is the moment that Zed is too dominant again as assassins midline.

As we have previously reported, after the bulk update Master in the period between the coming season, is the goal Assassins are watching to by engineers Riot Games. And according to our recent knowledge, Talon – Assassins Darkness is the first name ‘on the chopping block. “

Liên Minh Huyền Thoại: Talon mới sẽ cực mạnh, nhưng đòi hỏi sự khéo léo cao hơn từ người chơi

Indeed, the heyday of the assassins in the League of Legends was over long ago. Talon editing is just one small part of the gigantic plan that Riot will start to pre-season coming in 2017. The incremental power is absolutely necessary in the context of the waste at the Talon is the moment that Zed is too dominant again as assassins midline.

Liên Minh Huyền Thoại: Talon mới sẽ cực mạnh, nhưng đòi hỏi sự khéo léo cao hơn từ người chơi

Riot said there will be a big change for 4 killer and a smaller number of editing and Talon is one of them. Riot Stashu recently announced more specific about such modifications.

“Talon to date has always been a general depends on the seize the opportunity. In the future, Assassins Night promises to be an agile assassin, florid than just suicide to work causing extensive damage now. We believe that the next edit will be forced to become skilful players to be able to knock out the enemy generals.

Second, Talon encountered some problems when confronted with the other Assassins, namely the melee as Kha’zix minister, Akali and Zed. The other is that this minister had fled skills to ensure safety for themselves but Talon did not. “
1. Looking ahead, Riot Games want to increase the island’s Talon Street – one of the strengths of this general and also the general characteristics of the Assassins. The ability to move around the map and reach goals will better Talon. Blink and stealth ability is great, but we can make them a lot more going on, farther.

2. Optimize the ability to put the damage. The importance of a Killer as he becomes a threat behind the enemy, but when all the damage that was stuffed into before the enemy could react but it is still a pretty big problem.
3. Assassins should be facilitated to hunt down and defeat an enemy generals and capable of widespread damage Talon is appropriate. The blade everywhere is something symbolic and typical of Talon, but we want them to damage the surrounding more and damage to assassinate more focused on objectives. Talon will be able to take down multiple targets (Triplekill, Quadrakill or even more), but players will need a little more cautious.

Liên Minh Huyền Thoại: Talon mới sẽ cực mạnh, nhưng đòi hỏi sự khéo léo cao hơn từ người chơi

The update for the Killer expected to appear in the 2017 pre-season, so the new Talon will appear at about 1/2017.

Extreme top quality immersive online games, do not play lifelong gamer charge

Synthesis 5 online roleplaying game extremely impressed forthcoming in the near future

Albion Online

On June 1/8, immersive multi-platform online game impressed Albion Online has officially tested the last time. Thus the test of time after the last long solid game also enters final phase to prepare open beta widely.


During this final test, Albion Online will allow gamers to join 150,000 players, but now we do not yet know that the games for free trial or to purchase founders pack beta like the previous time ever launched. With its position as a multi-platform online game Cross, the gamer engaged on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android can fully interact with each other, this also means that you can go to your account on all devices Belgium.


During this final test, Albion Online will allow gamers to join 150,000 players, but now we do not yet know that the games for free trial or to purchase founders pack beta like the previous time ever launched. With its position as a multi-platform online game Cross, the gamer engaged on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android can fully interact with each other, this also means that you can go to your account on all devices Belgium.


Battlerite take gamers on a PvP arena very interesting, gamers will have to coordinate with your team to create the most accurate blow to the enemy, alongside ‘health buffalo’, players mind must also use a lot of trick enemy enters the disadvantageous position than the surface for easy control.


With top-down perspective, allowing gamers Battlerite covers golf tournament, and also create trends rather strange action than many other products. Also, the screen fighting depends on many other factors are described in random screens, creating an exciting display of football.


The battle in Battlerite place in a relatively short time, meaning that the pace of fighting is very high and continuous gamers must find a way to attack an opponent or dodge attacks from opponents if you want win winning and not being ‘beaten’ continuously. It can be seen that this is the feature attraction brings to this game.

Nine Yin Chan Kinh 2

Accordingly, Beijing Nine Yin Chan 2 will not only be a half-hearted open-world game that will truly “sandbox” as all products from western monumental altogether when mission system. Meaning that gamers need to brainstorm, consider what they should do in the virtual world from the very beginning and not be led under the more linear. This is also shown in detail complete freedom to explore the profound foundation of martial arts around the world.


Besides, the character of the game is absolutely no indicator at all, gamers will have to completely rely on the skills themselves to win the duels of the Nine Yin Chan Kinh 2. Of course people longer play will have more abilities to execute their martial arts, but with cleverly newbie, the defeated predecessors is entirely possible.

As you know, the Nine Yin Chan Kinh 2 senior combination between Unreal Engine 4 platform provides excellent graphics, with a virtual world to bring greater scalability, make sure gamers will have overwhelmed with the beautiful eye and true in this game.


Of course, you will have to invest genuine staging computer to be in this war as smooth. Currently there is no official information on how to release the Nine Yin Chan Kinh 2, unknown game has come in the form of free time to play or not. As expected by Snail Games, the game will be tested in 2017, of course, comes with a wide coverage plans across the globe as the Nine Yin Chan Kinh 1.

Long Soul Time Engraving

Not long ago, dinosaurs online game Soul of Time Fix (Twilight Spirits) were giants China game industry NetEase introduced, promises to become a blockbuster in the future. And the first gameplay video of this new product is launched:

Long Khac context than the combination of eastern and western cultures, along with the action gameplay, fighting style and feature non-target novel Moment Dragon Spirit make to surprise gamers. Long Soul plot of relatively simple moment, focus on the battle between good and evil when evil species invaded, devastated everything and the brave men who volunteered to establish a team to guard wings portal between two worlds.


The game is based on technology developed by the NetEase itself Nirvana engine development, promises to give gamers advanced graphic platform at the “cinema”. Previously this NSX has also caused the whole world to be amazed at the stunning image of God Du or Long Sword, so definitely looser moments everyone would not be disappointed.

Manchester United Legend

Recently, MU Legend has officially set the Closed Beta Test phase 2nd Korean at home in eight days. In addition, Webzen also introduced an entire new trailer to attract the attention of the players in this 2nd round of testing.


Of course, the Vietnamese players that are fans of the series MU is now, you can join the register for an account on the homepage of Manchester United Legend to be able to experience soon. In fact, Mu Legend Capital is seen as MU 2, serial title success MU online games old and is the main developer Webzen.

Manchester United Legend graphics have been pushed up so much nicer. The design of the characters, monsters, maps are sharp and far more realistic. Style dark, overcast still covered all of MU Legend, almost all maps in the game are dark, no sunlight.

MU Legend is introducing four character classes, respectively Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage. In addition, the 5th class was revealed to be the Summoner. MU Legend’s playing style seems quite complicated but coming into play, the attack in the game have a lot simpler, and mainly that the player will control the character just moves, then attacking monsters animals only. Game is no Auto self and it seems also will not add this feature update.

Review The Culling – Online Game combination Hunger Games and Battle Royal

This is a game worthy that you should run out to buy the copyright, play and experience the feeling yourself are involved in The Hunger Games (or Battle Royal).

Recently, The Culling games officially open to players on Steam Early Access form. It is notable that The Culling was developed based on ideas from the famous movie series The Hunger Games, the required 16 players to participate in a closed arena, and here, they will have to fight against each other until there is only 1 (or 2 depending on game mode) the last survivors.

Đánh giá The Culling - Game online kết hợp giữa Hunger Games và Battle Royal

Of course, because only the Early Access forms to The Culling will require gamers to spend $ 15 to buy the game right. Currently, The Culling expected to open officially in 2017.

In fact, The Culling simulation gameplay is very detail the content was introduced in The Hunger Games. Indeed, in the game, players will be playing in the form of team 2 people (or it may be one person), team up with other players to fight, fighting for her life for themselves.

Đánh giá The Culling - Game online kết hợp giữa Hunger Games và Battle Royal

The control mechanism in Culling is built in first-person view, fairly easy to control and familiar to players. It should be noted that the characters in the game are all human beings, so the move operation, or the movements attacked in The Culling not have too many special and different, players will mainly attack under the attack or shoot arrows as close to the FPS shooters only.

Starting the game, you will be thrown into an arena of life and death up to 16 people, and now, your task is to try to destroy all of the remaining players to become the ultimate winner.

Đánh giá The Culling - Game online kết hợp giữa Hunger Games và Battle Royal

By this time, many players will be questioned as to why the players do not run away, wait until the other players kill each new finished appearance to “Fishman worshiped”. This may be considered a fairly wise tactic, but it is not really appropriate in The Culling, as well as directly in The Hunger Games.

Indeed, the need to know, the key to win in The Culling is not trying to find and destroy the defeated opponent as much as possible, nor is it you survived the last time, that is how you can possess powerful weapons.

 Nếu không thu thập được vũ khí mạnh thì việc người chơi thua trận vào cuối game là điều dễ hiểu

If not collect powerful weapons, the player lost at the end of the game is understandable

This is the problem and the most important prerequisite in the game, because without strong weapons ranged weapons (bows, guns) or melee weapons, even as the average recovery last time, you would not be able to defeat the last enemy and win the final.

In the beginning when new to the game, players will not have any equipment yet, your task now is to try to move, collect the equipment scattered on the map. The collection of all kinds of equipment is extremely necessary, and also the reason why players engage in battle with each other to scramble.

After the defeat of times other players, gamers will be “stronger” because you can pick up are the main kinds of guys equip you just beat, helps increase strength. Also note that each character can only be equipped with up to 5 weapons only.

Đánh giá The Culling - Game online kết hợp giữa Hunger Games và Battle Royal

Map of the game is built quite wide, helping the player can unleash move and collect equipment before working on the fight. In addition to collecting equipment on the map, the player can to collect other equipment (strongly) at the point of supply (like in The Hunger Games).

However, some smart players even figure out how to shoot down the supply items hovering over a map to avoid having to resupply to the point of conflict with other players.

 Sơ lược 1 bản đồ trong The Culling

Summary 1 map in The Culling

The bottom line in this battle of life and death that after a certain period of time, toxic smoke will automatically appear in the edge of the map, forcing players to move to regional centers to fight together. Now, if you do not have the kind of equipment and weapons necessary, the defeated would be inevitable and obvious.

This is also why players have to go looking for the original equipment, as well as help content in The Culling competitiveness greatly increased, and limit the playing time of a game screen, not to pull too long.

Đánh giá The Culling - Game online kết hợp giữa Hunger Games và Battle Royal


Contents extremely exciting gameplay of The Culling making the game becomes extremely attractive. This is a game worthy that you should run out to buy the copyright, play and experience the feeling yourself are involved in The Hunger Games (or Battle Royal).

The game does not have too many demerit points, a relatively nice graphics despite the character’s movement still has not been like that. However, if you look at the summary, we can also give this game to 8 or 8.5 / 10 points.

10 games or less than 250 thousand cost VND for gamers

A sale of the Steam summer as usual brought a lot of choice for gamers in many different price range.

The off season game of the Steam Summer occasion fell last month at the right time is a real unfortunate situation for gamers at all. But do not worry because even if is limited financially, you can choose for themselves the quality of titles priced at just less than 250 trillion dong (about 10 dollars). Here are 10 good example.

The Talos Principle


The Talos Principle is a puzzle game ever appreciated when launched in 2014. The gameplay is reminiscent of Portal game series when the player plays a robot capable of human-like thinking is released in maze filled with traps. The game is being sold for $ 10 on Steam.



Transistor action genre isometric top-down perspective with the graphics, the sound design is excellent to create an exciting experience from start to finish. Gamers on the female character named Red fight against racial robotics Process to safeguard peace for the city Cloudbank. The game is on sale for $ 5.

Crypt of the Necrodancer


Crypt of the Necrodancer combination of tight guillotine action gameplay with music game genre when both you and the enemy will only be able to attack or move to the beat of the music. The game can be played even by the dance mats.

Grim Fandago Remastered


Grim Fandago has long become legendary names in the genre of adventure and maybe do not need to introduce more. Remake of the game on a high resolution, and compatibility with modern operating systems are sold for less than USD 4 in promotions on Steam this summer.

Door Kickers


Door Kickers you play as a commander SWAT task force with the task of handling the criminals entrenched in the home through choosing the right strategic approach. Game viewing angle from above and colorful graphics make players think of the classic version of GTA. The game is being sold for $ 3 USD.

Invisible Inc.


In Invisible Inc., you manage a team of spies with the mission to break into the lair of an evil corporation to destroy them from within. Starting the game you will be on hand 10 spies with customizable skill sets liking to overcome the pitfalls of the game screen. The game map is built randomly by computer algorithm makes Invisible Inc. there is a very high replay value. Game promotional price is $ 6.8.

Wolfenstein: The New Order


This is the class AAA titles shortlisted only worth playing shorts under $ 10. Wolfenstein: The New Order debut in 2014 with the graphics, sound and gameplay are designed pretty well, bring exciting fantasy vision of the war against Nazi Germany. If there are no conditions to play blockbuster FPS Doom debuted as too expensive, Wolfenstein: The New Order would be a bad choice, especially if you prefer the epic weapon.

Sunless Sea


Deep ocean where sunlight can not illuminate long already is the inspiration for the mysterious anecdotes about the treasure, the giant sea monster or alien race. In Sunless Sea you will have the opportunity to face many scary things when drivers talk on a small boat to explore the immense sea. The game is priced at $ 9.5.

Dungeon of the Endless


Products come from indie developer Amplitude Studios is a combination of a little classic immersive way and goalkeeper genres to create an intense gameplay platform and highly challenging. You always need to calculate in advance the plan to deal with the enemy in the next attack, with no game over screen will appear quite often. $ 4 game.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter may not be suitable for gamers favorite type of high-speed action or horror startling, because most of the time you have spent playing of walking around the deserted town, observers to speculate what was happening to all residents. Offset plus point of the game is the graphics property is carefully tended making experience scenic walks are also quite happy eyes.

Game action can enhance cognitive abilities of the players

Game action can actually enhance cognitive abilities of the players, thus helping to achieve the learning process more effective.

Game action can actually enhance cognitive abilities of the players, thus helping to achieve the learning process more effective. This is the conclusion of a study published recently, not only for the players you have more reason to answer when a parent or loved not for gaming, but more importantly, also help shape educational experts the teaching methods in the classroom based on the game.


In the study, the researchers collected data from 20 previous studies conducted those aged 18 or over, focus tracking aspects of a person such as processor speed, the ability to focus medium, capable of handling visual / spatial, memory and ability to multi-task processing. Next, they analyzed this data and calculate the impact of electronic games to aspects of cognition. The researchers noted that although the total sample size is not large but 20 studies the impact of the game is very clear, especially those as close to age 18.


In fact in recent years, scientists have begun to find ways to use video games to assist humans in many different circumstances, such as helping patients recover from stroke, training doctors surgeon or train troops before going into battle. On the other hand, in education it was also looking to the game as a means of support. Typically Minecraft supposedly enhances creative thinking of children. At the same time a number of action games also help children enhance the ability to solve problems.


Verdict before this study, researchers at MIT before Scot Osterweil said there were some studies show that the effects of such gaming skills to navigate in space, hand coordination – eye, .. . but this is the first time he saw the research conclusions on the game action enhances cognitive abilities of the players. However, he said not surprised with this result, “we’ve got a lot of experience in the use of games to stimulate children’s imagination and then, we will carry out the tasks related to better awareness. Therefore regardless games make children more intelligent or not but obviously it helps us work harder. “


Although the researchers did not deny the downside of the game, can typically reduce the likelihood that they are socializing. And although the game is to create more attractive benefits for the learning process, but it is only the surface of the problem goes deeper still, the game still can not help children better understand the world outside and those around them.


However, if applied properly, the game can help students understand the world partly true without leaving the classroom. To do that, Osterweil said that the need to ensure the appropriate even from game design, game content to guide and control the process of the students play games in the classroom and at home to avoid cases of abuse affect the learning process.

Search Hotels officially launched Tale, value given instant GIFTcode hands!

True 10:00 am today, July 05/27, Search Hotels Tale – characterized swordplay game Kim Dung are expected summer 2016 most officially launched. On this occasion, the game immediately dedicated to the gaming community ingame VIPcode contain very valuable prizes!

As the information we provide gaming community recently, Search hotel’s Tale RPG 3D swordplay characterized Kim Dung was brought to Vietnam SohaGame NPH. At exactly 10:00 am today, July 05/27, the game will officially launch the first server, welcoming the fans loved swordplay Kim Dung look to explore the PK system, PvP combat realism , which factors helped overcome Search hotel opponents Stories RPG heavyweight swordplay Chinese home city.

Kiếm Khách Truyện chính thức ra mắt, VIPcode giá trị trao liền tay!
As known, the quality of play of Stories Earn deals confirmed through PK system – unique PvP, contains many elements never appear in the A-RPG game ever launched in Vietnam before. When the player performs the toss skill, the enemy attacks in Search Hotels Tale, besides skill effects eye-catching expression, concussion effect full screen, camera angles of the game will automatically zoom – close to the character each time the skill is cast, this is the story elements help Search Hotels evident nature of the game action.
 Kiếm Khách Truyện nổi bật với lối chơi PK dồn dập, toàn bộ chiêu thức võ công trong game đều được chuyển thể từ phim kiếm hiệp.

Search Hotels Featured Stories PK intense gameplay, the whole martial arts moves in the game adapted from the movie swordplay.

On the other hand, the martial arts moves of Stories Earn hotels are built from the blow that fact, are the well-known masters and videotaped performances and made into a 3D character. To show the depth of gameplay, each character in the game possess those abilities like animals imported, broken or damaged joints league scams. Each time new abilities should be able to perform complete, the timely implementation soup combo is essential.

 Sự kiện Chơi Kiếm Khách - xách ngay Iphone đang diễn ra trên trang chủ của Kiếm Khách Truyện.

Events “Play For Guests – right handbag Iphone” is taking place on the home page of the Search Stories Hotel.